Crypto 101

How To Buy Bitcoin & Ethereum: A Beginner's Guide

UPDATE: Cloudbet have launched Ethereum betting so we've updated this guide to include best places for buying Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Crypto 101

Litecoin: Back to the Old School

Cloudbet adds Litecoin to its payments platform, allowing crypto converts to use the old-school "bitcoin-lite" coin. Faster transaction times, and at lower costs, is never a bad thing.
Crypto 101

Why Dash is perfect for online betting

In response to customer requests, Cloudbet adds Dash to its suite of cryptocurrencies available to bet with. Ryan Taylor, CEO of the Dash Core Group, explains more about the cryptocurrency and why it makes sense to bet with Dash.
Crypto 101

How to buy Bitcoin in Australia

A simple guide for the easiest ways to buy bitcoin - and other cryptocurrencies - in Australia.
Crypto 101

Best Bitcoin Wallet for Australians in 2021

If you're buying crypto In Aus, you're going to need a wallet to get started.

No crypto? No problem - deposit now with a credit or debit card

If you want to take advantage of the amazing odds and limits available at Cloudbet but don’t have any crypto, don’t worry. We’ve made it quick and easy to buy with a credit or debit card on our site.
In The Cloud

A look at Central Bank Digital Currencies

Talk of CBDCs is not new, but as progress is being made - with different countries at various stages of development - it's becoming more of a mainstream talking point. The Cloudbet Blog takes an introductory look at the concept of CBDCs, how they might function and what that might mean for our financial future.
In The Cloud

Bitcoin moves closer to Main St.

The recent explosion in Bitcoin price reflects a new wave of buying from institutional investors, demarcating a new era in adoption. We don't know, and can't say, when it will end, but one thing is clear - the trends are pointing in the right direction to further legitimise Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies in general, as an investable asset class.