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Published on 16th November; updated on 17th January 2022

Cloudbet is a crypto casino that is used by players all over the world as their primary platform to play casino games using cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and Dogecoin. When it comes to using crypto to play classic games such as blackjack, poker and roulette, players will soon find that Cloudbet is the definitive home for all these activities. Cloudbet was first formed in 2013, proving to be one of the oldest and best crypto casinos on the market. While crypto gambling is a relatively new way to gamble, many players consider it to be a tried and tested way to gamble online. There is no better place to do this than Cloudbet.

Our player base is vast, and many consider us to be the best cryptocurrency casino around. More & more jurisdictions are legalising online gambling and our fully licensed brand ensures that we’re at the forefront of any new market diversification. Given the ever increasing value of both Bitcoin and Dogecoin, this has resulted in an increase in the number players who are looking to play at crypto gambling websites but have no idea how to begin. Cloudbet, as always, is here to help.

Can you play casino games with crypto?

Being considerably different to cash, some might think that gambling with cryptocurrency will be a complex process, as most people will have likely heard that crypto itself is difficult to understand. While there is certainly a lot of technical jargon behind the concept, when it comes to playing casino games with crypto like Bitcoin, it is incredibly easy to deposit and gamble using the virtual currency. In fact, anyone from any background should not find it difficult to make their first deposit on a bitcoin casino.

Players should already be aware that they can access a wide variety of casino games on Cloudbet. If they wish to use cryptocurrency to deposit and play casino games with, then it is as simple as clicking the deposit button and a game to play on.

Steps on how do I buy and gamble with Crypto? 
  1. Buying crypto for personal use is a process that does involve a few steps, but it should still be manageable for most people. Once people decide that they like the sound of bitcoin casinos like Cloudbet and would like to play on one, then they need to purchase crypto from an exchange. Before doing this though, players are encouraged to do their own research into cryptocurrency and whether they would like to use their money to buy it. The concept is still new, and many are undecided whether cryptocurrencies will be worth anything in the future, though users who are on the fence may view a list of the advantages and disadvantages of crypto like Bitcoin below.
  2. Many different types of cryptocurrencies exist, but most will likely have only heard of options like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This is because they are the two most popular cryptocurrencies, but there are hundreds more, like Cardano and Solana for example. This means the crypto world is huge, but those who are given the right information may be able to navigate their way through it with ease.
  3. Before users can play at any BTC casino, they will need to find an exchange to purchase it on. It is important that people find a reputable, well-trusted exchange to buy crypto, as an unrecognised exchange can lead to issues like lost money when the worst scenarios come into play. Choosing some well-known options such as Kraken or Coinbase is a good start for most people, and each platform also has a customer service section to help those who have run into problems. To initiate a purchase, users must first connect a payment method such as a bank account or a credit card.
  4. The next thing people should look to do is search for a cold wallet. Some people who have bought crypto before may be unaware of what this is as, for the most part, people are happy to leave their purchased crypto on exchanges. While this is perfectly fine to do, there are several drawbacks that arise when leaving funds on these exchanges which involve certain security concerns. A cold wallet will ensure that the purchased crypto is never hacked or subject to malware infection, due to its offline nature. Cold wallets will have their own unique address, so players will be able to transfer funds to and from these cold wallets effortlessly.
  5. At the end of this process, users will have successfully purchased their chosen cryptocurrency and will own it in the most secure way possible. After this, playing casino games on bitcoin casinos becomes a breeze, as players will just need to head to Cloudbet and click the deposit button, which will return them with a deposit address with which to place their cryptocurrency on.
  • Players who have any questions about the legality and other safety concerns surrounding Cloudbet will be glad to know that the casino is among the most trusted in the world. We boast a collection of satisfied customers from many different countries who have chosen Cloudbet as their preferred place to play when it comes to casino online betting. Among a sea of other operators who demonstrate questionable intentions, Cloudbet is a breath of fresh air.
  •  Peace of mind is given to customers by the fact that Cloudbet is fully licensed and regulated by a third party so users can be assured of the safety of their funds. If people want to use cryptocurrency to play casino games online, there is no safer, better place.
Can I play casino games with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Given this, Bitcoin is readily accepted by Cloudbet and most other crypto casinos. However, the story does not end there and there are many more cryptocurrencies that are supported which will suit players looking for a variety of options to play with. Cloudbet also stands apart from most other casino sites as we are constantly adding in new options all the time to ensure that customers are always satisfied.

Does Cloudbet offer a casino bonus?

Casino bonuses are what always gets people excited when arriving at a new option, and this makes sense as they allow players to get more for their money. They are so popular in the industry as they allow casino sites to distinguish themselves from rivals, proving to players why they are the better site to play on. On Cloudbet, new customers can receive a matched deposit bonus up to a massive 5 BTC, a deposit limit that other casinos will find hard to match.

For those looking to receive this bonus:

  1. Head to the sign-up page and register an account at Cloudbet
  2. Deposit any amount of crypto (up to 5 BTC or 50,000 UDST)
  3. The bonus will automatically be credited to the available balance
  4. Enjoy!
Pros and Cons of gambling with Bitcoin

As already aforementioned, Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies out there, but it is not without some drawbacks. Some people may need convincing to accept Bitcoin as a legitimate means of betting as people may already be aware of some of the potential risks with Bitcoin and virtually every other virtual currency. To make people aware of both sides of the tale, here is a list of the positives and negatives of Bitcoin.


  • Businesses and individuals who use Bitcoin experience fewer transaction fees as it cuts out the middleman, such as banks. This is unlike more traditional methods, like credit cards and debit cards.
  • Customers who take the plunge and use Bitcoin will also gain a higher degree of privacy. This is because transactions made using cryptocurrencies are anonymous, something that carries over when customers use it to deposit at Cloudbet. The only identifier of players will be their chosen nickname, while Cloudbet will take care of the rest and use a secure platform to ensure data protection and the cold storage of deposited cryptocurrency. This ensures that customers’ money will always remain safe.
  • One feature that can be attributed to the world’s love of Bitcoin is the fact that it is decentralised, meaning that it is safe and invulnerable to banks, governments, and other entities. While traditional currencies like USD and GBP are linked to their respective governments, cryptocurrencies are not owned by anyone other than the holder. It is also positive that Bitcoin and some other crypto are finite, unlike standard currencies, making them susceptible to inflation.
  • Something that many will appreciate is that cryptocurrency deposits are much faster than traditional deposit methods. This will allow eager players to participate in a variety of casino games as quickly as possible.
  • Most will know that the gambling industry is subject to strict regulation, given the nature of the activity. This means that it is not possible to play in some parts of the world. However, using Bitcoin to play casino games means that it is not possible to identify the location of the user, meaning that players who use Bitcoin can play anytime, anywhere.
  • Yet another benefit to using bitcoin to play casino games online can be seen by how much money these players earn back. Cloudbet and other casino bitcoin websites can offer bigger and better bonuses as accepting cryptocurrency help to save on deposit, payout and chargeback fees amidst a host of more saving opportunities.


  • Bitcoin is infamously volatile as it and cryptocurrency are still a new concept, meaning that the public’s general sentiment of them can go up or down depending on the day, subsequently affecting the price. Although Bitcoin has seen a meteoric rise, past performance is not a guarantee of the future.
  • Within the gambling industry, there is an absence of trusted operators that customers can feel safe to deposit their Bitcoin with. On the other hand, Cloudbet is among the most trusted crypto gambling sites on the web. There is no refuting our authority in this field as we have been providing exemplary service to players around the world since 2013.
  • As already aforementioned, dealing with cryptocurrency means that there are no chargeback fees. While this is typically given as a benefit to customers in the form of better bonuses, it can also come back to bite them if a scenario arises when a customer is scammed. This is because the absence of a bank or credit card provider when using Bitcoin and other crypto means that a chargeback cannot be requested, leaving customers high and dry. However, customers should be assured that choosing trusted sites like Cloudbet to play casino games on will ensure they never are on the receiving end of a scam.
Is gambling with Crypto safe? 

There may be some who might question the safety of cryptocurrency as many still do not understand the applications of the technology or even how it works. However, customers who want to play at Cloudbet should have peace of mind knowing that their funds will always be secure, and the practice of using cryptocurrency to gamble is very safe. In fact, gambling with cryptocurrency is arguably safer than using traditional currencies due to the use of blockchain technology. This essentially means that crypto that utilise this technology like Bitcoin are decentralised and no entity but the owner can touch them.

Given the safety benefits of blockchain technology, some financial institutions have begun to take an interest, emphasising the value of using blockchains. It is also surprising to see that some governments have adopted the technology as they understand how beneficial it can be. El Salvador is just one country that has embraced the developing world and has made Bitcoin legal tender, setting a precedent that other countries may be expected to follow.

Advantages of using Cloudbet Casino
  • Cloudbet is fully licensed through Curaçao eGaming, which is something that cannot be said for most other crypto casino sites. Customers should therefore feel secure when playing at Cloudbet as our activities are audited and regulated by an outside entity.
  • Many players will be aware of how frustrating it is to experience slow withdrawal times as they are eager to enjoy their winnings. At Cloudbet, players will appreciate instant withdrawals that have no limit. Cloudbet’s cryptocurrency support also means that users can take advantage of seamless crypto transfers that ignore the fees associated with traditional currencies.
  • The average transaction on Cloudbet will take around 20 minutes, so users can expect a fast and transparent experience on the site. Most other operators exceed this time, providing another reason why Cloudbet is the best in the business.
Playing casino games for Beginners

Playing casino games for the first time can be stressful to some, especially when money is on the line. This is because playing classic games like poker is likely an activity that many would have already engaged in, though they never likely played for money. However, playing casino games online can be a great way to introduce new players into the scene, and build their confidence before they visit the real thing. At Cloudbet, there is a wide range of games that are suitable for beginners as this will give them the best introduction to the scene.

There is no better casino game for beginners to start on than slot machines. These should already be a familiar sight to most people as they are present in many pubs and bars across the world. This sense of familiarity will appeal to beginners as slot machines are pretty much self-explanatory. However, just staying on slot machines is not ideal for any casino career, and so beginners should give roulette a try when they have had enough of the slots. Roulette is iconic, and pictures of the classic roulette table are probably what comes to most people’s minds when they think of gambling. New players can make roulette a game of fifty-fifty, meaning that the game is highly accessible for new players.

Understanding the House Edge 

The house edge is an important concept to understand for new casino players as it will ensure that their expectations are tempered before starting to play casino games. The casino, also known as the house, will always have a slight edge over players on any casino game. All casino games are games of chance, that much is certain, but their probability can also be calculated mathematically. When this is visualised, it becomes clear that the odds favour the house instead of the player.

This is not to say that players will never win at a casino – of course, this is not true. Players win all the time, and some win life-changing amounts.

Improving your Chances?

There may be many who are wondering if it is possible to improve their chances when playing at casino sites. These people are not alone and there have been many that have been trying to overcome the house edge for as long as anyone can remember. The short answer is that this is not possible, but it might be possible to increase a player’s overall chances of winning.

  • Ensuring that all rules are known prior to playing will give players more opportunities to succeed in games as they will not miss out on advantage-gaining chances
  • Some games also have a lower house edge than others. Playing these games will make it so that the odds are more even (but still in the house’s favour)
  • Learning high-level strategies for some games like Blackjack will increase the amount that players can win as they will identify more opportunities that might not be obvious to the eyes of novices.
  • Instead of players slowly trying to improve their chances of winning, they could also try and chase a jackpot win. While the odds of this are notoriously low, they do happen and the adage “you’ve got to be in it to win it” is especially true here.
Casino Bonuses

As already aforementioned, promotions and bonuses are so common on casino sites as they allow those sites to stand out in an industry where everyone is competing for the same customers. Given this, it only makes sense to try and provide an industry-leading offer as it will entice customers into a website and encourage them to stay rather than opting to try another.

At Cloudbet, new customers are free to enjoy a 100% matched deposit bonus when they first deposit, giving them extra money to play with in the hopes of winning rewards. There are also more types of promotions that players can access though, which include free spins, no deposit bonuses, mega wheel spins and more.

When can I withdraw my bitcoin bonus funds? 
  • The first thing that will be on the mind of everyone when they first win will be withdrawing their funds. This is because seeing winning in the available balance is all well and good, but the reality of the win becomes sweeter when the same figure is seen in a bank account instead. Players who choose Cloudbet will be happy to know that they can withdraw their bonus funds whenever they want to, a feature that is seldom seen on other casino sites.
  • The freedom of withdrawing at any time should appeal to most users, and some might even appreciate that it is possible to withdraw their cryptocurrency directly to their cold wallets by using their unique address.
Available casino games

Cloudbet is the best in the industry for a reason. Our customers agree that we do not just have a large collection of games, but they are also intensely enjoyable to play. The classic casino games that users know and love such as baccarat, roulette, blackjack and poker are available at Cloudbet, but this is just a taste of what users can discover.

One of the most popular online casino games here at Cloudbet, with a live feature option.

  • Ezugi Blackjack

A new variant of Blackjack that is now one of the most popular casino game option.

A classic and now with the options for live play, which is why it is another popular casino game at Cloudbet.

Another option that is now available live and one that remains one of the most popular casino games.

  • Aviator

One of the most popular current casino games available that is proving a hit for online players.

Cloudbet supports multilingual interfaces

Cloudbet prides itself on inclusivity, which is why users can navigate the site and place bets in over 17 different languages. Just some of these include English, Spanish, Deutsch, Italian, French, Swedish, Greek, Hungarian, Turkish, Indonesian, Polish, Portuguese, and Russian.

If you find that your language is missing, do not hesitate to get in touch and we will make getting that language included on the site a priority. Just check our blog for updates!

What is a bitcoin casino?

A bitcoin casino allows you to play all your favourite casino table games, bitcoin slots and jackpot slots, but using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rather than traditional fiat currencies. There are many advantages to betting with bitcoin - including faster and simpler deposits, withdrawals and transaction settlements, with payouts made instantly into your account.

Does Cloudbet offer a bitcoin bonus?

Yes. Cloudbet offers a generous bitcoin bonus that will match your first deposit, up to a massive 5BTC. The bonus differs depending on your currency of choice, but will be matched 100%. This may be up to 5 BTC/BCH/PAXG/DASH, 1,000 USDT/USDC/DAI/PAX/LINK/LTC, or 10,000 DOGE

Does the Cloudbet Casino offer free spins?

Yes. Cloudbet may choose to offer its players free spins and other crypto casino bonuses as it sees fit. Players can also receive top-up bonuses during the course of the week, such as our Mega Match Mondays and Turbo Thursdays offers - and can always check our Promotions for other free spin offers, other casino bonuses that may be available, as well as sports promotions for Cloudbet’s best bitcoin sportsbook.