What Is Lightning Roulette?

We have already explained in a previous article the art of how to play Roulette. Now, if you have played it and enjoyed the thrills of watching the spinning wheel in our Live Casino, we have some news for you: there’s an even more exciting way to play. It’s called Lightning Roulette, and your gaming experience will never be the same again.

Playing ordinary Roulette, there’s no better feeling than betting straight up and seeing your number come in. Against all the odds, when that tiny ball slowly goes down the wheel and, kicking and jumping lands on your number, and you’ve got yourself a big win – the feeling of exhilaration that ensues is hard to match, as one of our players found out after winning a life-changing 53 BTC playing live roulette.

But what if there was yet another variable in the mix, one that could ensure that your winnings could be even bigger?

Enter lightning

In nature, lightning is one of the most powerful forces, striking out with millions of volts of raw power and giving way so much energy that it could power a 60W light bulb for six whole months! Now, when coupled with ordinary roulette, the power of lightning brings about incredible profits, perhaps enough to fuel a lot more than six months.

Let’s run through how to play Lightning Roulette. If you’re familiar with how roulette works – and by now, you probably are – it couldn’t be easier.

In the game, if your straight up bet comes in, you could win even more than usual if your number gets struck by lightning in an involving, show-style atmosphere with advanced sound and lighting effects – it’s literally an electrifying experience!

Lightning Roulette

Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts

In Lightning Roulette, players have the same bet range as they would in a standard European Live Roulette table. However, they also get extra opportunities to win via randomly generated Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts.

In every round of Lightning roulette, anything from one to five numbers are randomly struck by lightning and assigned a different multiplier, which supersedes the regular payout for that bet. These lucky numbers can boost multipliers of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x or even a massive 500x payout if players have made a Straight Up bet on the corresponding number.

Just to give some context, regular Straight Up Bets pay 30:1, so in the best case scenario you can win almost 17 times the regular payout!

And lightning strikes more often than you think. One player recently scooped a huge jackpot of over 50 BTC while playing Lightning Roulette. Did we mention that it was from a single spin?

And even if you don’t get the lightning boost, you’ll still get 30 times your stake if the ball lands on your number – a seriously big win, too. All other bets are paid out the same as ordinary Roulette.

It’s no wonder Lightning Roulette is one of our most popular games. There are so many ways to win.You could even practice playing in our casino with free play Roulette. Then when you’re ready to start playing for real, hit up the Lightning Roulette table.

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