What is Lightning Roulette?

Take the excitement of playing Roulette and crank it up. Lightning Roulette is the fast-paced casino game where you could win up to 500x your original stake.

The Basics: How to play Roulette

Cloudbet's bitcoin casino offers a fantastic range of popular live-dealer table games. We revisit the classics and break them down for you, starting with perhaps the most archetypal and iconic of all table games - the "little wheel" to Parisienne courtiers of old, but Roulette to you and me.
Betting Strategy

What is the Gambler’s Fallacy?

If you get "heads" ten times in a row at a coin toss, what are the odds the next throw will keep the trend? The answer may surprise you. Cloudbet explains the mechanics of what is called the Gambler's Fallacy.

How to win 50 BTC playing bitcoin live roulette

A player on Cloudbet's bitcoin Live Roulette just had a 53 BTC winning streak. Was it luck, skill or talent? Cloudbet shows how you too can win big with the aid of three simple traits!

50 BTC Bitcoin Lightning Roulette Win

One lucky Cloudbet casino big winner got 49.22 BTC on a single spin playing bitcoin Lightning Roulette. Not only that, by the end of their session they'd won an incredible 87 BTC. Find out how.