How To Win 50 BTC Playing Bitcoin Live Roulette

What would you do if you hit bitcoin jackpot? Drop everything and travel the world? Or go full-on crypto and lambo your way to the moon? One Cloudbet player faced that joyful dilemma after going on a 53 BTC live roulette winning streak. And you too can win big at our casino. Just keep reading and we’ll explain how.

In order to amass that monumental winning streak – worth around €300,000 – the lucky bitcoin live roulette player took advantage of Cloudbet’s high betting limits. Even though the minimum live bitcoin casino buy-in is 0.001 BTC, players can bet up to 10 BTC per hand, and can stake up to 100 BTC in our bitcoin sportsbook.

Cloudbet offers high limits on live casino games

What it takes to be a winner

So, how did he do it? What does it take to hit such a bitcoin jackpot? Skills? Knowledge? While there are basic strategies that any proficient gambler should appreciate, sometimes winning big simply comes down to holding your nerve and riding your luck, especially where games like live roulette are concerned.

1. Strategy, strategy, strategy

Knowing your game and having a strategy is paramount when it comes to any kind of betting, as well as the cold-blooded resolve to sticking to it – but we’ll come to that later.

The first step here is to define a strategy. Again, there are no universal, one-size-fits-all set of guidelines, but there are frameworks you could use to maximise your chances and mitigate losses. That should always be your starting point for a longer-term approach.

For an in-depth dive into some general and specific gambling strategies, you can simply browse the Betting Strategy section of our Blog. And when it comes to roulette, we went even further: you can learn all about this iconic casino game in this detailed, illustrated guide.

The main takeaway here is, learn your game thoroughly. A full understanding of the rules and odds behind a play are vital to being a successful gambler.

2. Keep calm and gamble on

It’s easy to lose one’s nerve while on a losing streak or to grow over-confident while winning, so to get to that level, it’s paramount that a player be emotionally prepared. That includes going against your instincts when both winning or losing, and it’s perhaps the hardest lesson a gambler can learn. A cool-headed approach to your strategy will keep you focused on your objectives – and not just in the current play.

By now you are thinking: “hey, that’s easy, I can do that already!”, but trust us – it is a lot harder than it sounds. This kind of response to stress takes time to evolve, so you might want to start small while you build confidence and caution into a single mesh of fine-tuned, pure James Bond-like cool.

3. Luck

No one can argue that with casino games the main component of success – and the one trait beyond anyone’s control – is plain luck. The good thing is, luck is a fair mistress; it has no preferences, passes no judgements and knows no differences in class, gender or age – anyone can be lucky at any given moment.

Conversely, Lady Luck may decide to abandon you at a moment’s notice, so don’t grow overly confident – learn to respect chance. So, while you can’t ever develop luck, you can, and should, develop a healthy respect and understanding for what chance may bring.

Another good news is you don’t even need to spend money to practice your roulette strategy – Cloudbet offers a free play bitcoin casino where you don’t need to play for real bitcoin until you feel confident.

Simple, right? After that, it’s time for the real thing – and there’s no rush quite like your first big win!

Ready for your big win?

So, once you mastered these skills, you can follow into the footsteps of this big winner and take them for a spin at any of Cloudbet’s 22 live bitcoin roulette tables, or you can choose between dozens of bitcoin casino games and sportsbook options. Each carries their own challenges, and each offers unique rewards.

And this was not the first time a player wins big in our bitcoin casino. Another Lightning Roulette player also won big time, mustering almost 87 BTC in a single session, while another lucky player having previously taken home a whopping 160 BTC in a single spin (and a total of incredible 216 BTC in one session) of one of our bitcoin slots.

Plus, it goes without saying that all of our games are just fun, while also giving you a chance to win big. Join now and give it a try!

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