Bitcoin Slots Glossary

Our slots are so popular because they’re easy to play. But as each one is unique, so there might be some phrases that you’re unfamiliar with. Don’t keep playing on regardless, read our bitcoin slots glossary to learn what they mean.


This is where the symbols are displayed. Any slot game involves spinning the reels to match symbols in order to win prizes or take part in bonus rounds.


Designated line within the game where you will be awarded if winning combinations of symbols were to land. Depending on how many paylines the game offers, paylines don’t just run horizontally along the middle row, they can also run: straight, diagonally, zigzag and more just if you bet on the paylines with the winning combinations landing on it then you would win.

“X” Ways to Win

This tells you how many combinations you can make on the slot in order to win. All you need to do is match adjacent symbols on the paylines that your slot allows.

Max Bet

The most coins a player can bet on each spin. The maximum bet can either be made on a single payline or multiple paylines. It is said that you would get a higher chance of hitting the jackpot if you play with max bet than any other bets.


A symbol which multiplies the payout of the winning combinations landed from the spin. It can be awarded in bonus rounds or free spins.


Each slot game has its own wild symbol and they substitute as any other regular symbols within the game to help you create a winning combination. Wild symbols do not replace other bonus or scatter symbols.

Wild Multiplier

A multiplier that attaches to the wild symbol and can double or triple your winning amount.

Expanding Wilds

Acts as a regular wild symbol by substituting every symbol on the reel as wild by expanding vertically or horizontally generating several winning combinations over several paylines.

Stacked Wilds

Multiple Wild symbols stacking on top of each other, covering most or the entire reel that will help to complete more winning combinations.


A symbol that does not need to land on a payline and can award you the following features: coins payouts, free spins or bonus rounds. Each Scatter features are triggered depending on the amount of Scatter symbols seen anywhere along the reels. E.g. if you hit two scatter symbols across the reels, you get free spins. Some games will reward you with a bonus round if you get more than one Scatter symbol. Watch out for these because big prizes will be available.

Bonus Round

Depending on the game, the bonus round is a special round or a mini game that can either offer higher payouts for winning combinations or a lot of free spins. This can be activated by hitting a certain combination of symbols.

Free Spins

Free spins can be activated by spinning a specific symbol combination or from a bonus round. As the name implies, you don’t have to pay for the free spins and will get to keep all winnings awarded from the spins.

Pay Table

Also known as a pay chart or a pay schedule which lists all the possible payouts of the specific slot machine. It tells you what all the winning combinations are and how much each combination is worth in addition to whether if the game has any special symbols and bonus rounds.


The amount the slot awards when a player gets a particular winning combination.


The largest prize that a slot game can payout or the biggest prize that has been paid out by the slot game.

Now you know the kind of terms you’ll encounter in our bitcoin slots, you’re ready to play in our bitcoin casino. Play for free straightaway or register for an account and play for bitcoin. Or if you want to read more about our casino, check out these articles:

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