50 BTC Bitcoin Lightning Roulette Win

Cloudbet’s live casino lobby was ringing with the sound of the jackpot once again as a big winner scooped 49.22 BTC in a single spin on our bitcoin Lightning Roulette.

Lady luck was on their side as their straight up wager on a single number in Lightning Roulette was supercharged with a 500:1 payout. If you aren’t familiar with Lightning Roulette, we put a whole article together explaining the great features that make this one of our most exciting – or should we say electrifying – casino game.

In Cloudbet’s Lightning Roulette, players get additional chances to win big through randomly generated lucky numbers and lucky payouts. These are multipliers that range from 50x to 500x your original bet.

And after getting the first multiplier, this lucky player went further and almost doubled his already massive winnings, a mind-boggling 87 BTC, in an incredible hot streak. It’s no wonder this game is one of the most popular of the many roulette games available on Cloudbet.

A Cloudbet spokesperson said, “In a week which marked Cloudbet’s fifth anniversary, we’re thrilled that one of our customers had their own reasons to celebrate. It’s great to see another player walk away with a life-changing amount of bitcoin and so soon after our last big winner. Lightning Roulette is certainly one of our most fun and exciting casino games so I’m sure it won’t be long before someone else scoops another jackpot.”

In September 2018, a Cloudbet player won 53 BTC while playing Roulette in our live casino. Earlier, another big winner got a massive 160 BTC in a single spin (a total of 216 BTC in one session) in one of our bitcoin slots.

Cloudbet’s live casino was launched in February 2014 and features instant seating so there’s no waiting to play. Games are available in English, Russian and Spanish, and can be played 24 hours a day.

With some of the lowest minimum bets of any cryptocurrency casino (just 0.001 BTC on most games) and some of the highest limits of all bitcoin casino operators, Cloudbet welcomes players of all levels, from casual to professional.

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