Cloudbet Blog: A Year In Review 2019

Just over a year ago, on May 2nd 2018, the Cloudbet Blog was born. Since that very day, we’ve been committed to creating a constant, compelling and hand-crafted stream of content that has the power to inform and excite each and every one of you to grow your stack.

To celebrate our blog’s birthday, as well as all that we have achieved so far, we’ve decided to delve into our past and look back at our most cherished highlights from the year gone by. So come along with us as we take a walk down memory lane, and enjoy our first ever Cloudbet Blog: Year in Review.

Cloudbet Blog’s Genesis Block

It all began on May 2nd with our first ever article High limit bitcoin casino, which was an introductory piece featuring big winners, casino recommendations, the benefits of betting with bitcoin, and even a nod to our sportsbook. These topics set the stage for what else was to come on that momentous day: the creation of our first five Blog categories – Bitcoin 101, Betting Strategy, Casino, Previews and In The Cloud.

Each category was established with a particular purpose, whether that be to keep you up to date with the latest sporting events, or to educate you on all things bitcoin, and each one has played its part in the evolution of our blog over the past year.

In fact, since that very first article on May 2nd, we’ve gone on to produce hundreds on topics so diverse and wide-ranging that we’ve even had to expand the number of our categories. Promotions was introduced in October, subsequently joining the others in forming the current six pillars of the Cloudbet blog.

The Blog-chain grows

These six pillars hold together a creative space filled with ideas, concepts, theories and predictions; a space where our voice has steadily grown in confidence and courage. We’ve written over 250,000 words on hundreds of topics that we care and are excited about, and we’ve still got a lot more to give.

But before we look to the future, here’s a recap of what we’ve enjoyed writing about the most over the last 12 months:

From our in-depth preview of the 2018 World Cup, to our comprehensive list of betting strategies for the NBA – we’ve always had fun catering to the sports bettors amongst you, with 101 of our articles last year devoted to analysis of a whole host of worldwide events and competitions.

As well as presenting you with the latest stats to help you place winning bets over at our Sportsbook, we’ve also held three creative contests on the blog, giving away 1.19 BTC to 35 of our lucky readers.

Who remembers earlier this year, when we started 2019 with a bit-bang thanks to our Crypto Resolutions competition? Your entries lit up an otherwise dull month in the crypto-world, and we thoroughly enjoyed reading and rewarding the best 2019 resolutions you sent in.

Celebrating your achievements is in fact one of the fundamental objectives of our blog, with our ever-growing roster of the biggest bitcoin casino winners of all time serving as a distinguished reminder of the countless opportunities to win in the Cloudbet Casino.

One lucky player managed to scoop 216 BTC whilst spinning the generous reels of Troll Hunters, and safely secured their status as our record winner along the way – now, we ask, can YOU beat that and become the next casino king?

Yes, we’d like you to think, as every one of you reading this is in with a chance, regardless of whether you’re a bitcoin buff or a bitcoin beginner. It may seem daunting, at first, to begin your adventure into the world of bitcoin betting, but that’s where our Bitcoin 101 series comes in.

From teaching you how to deposit bitcoin into your account to informing you of the best ways to earn free cryptocurrencies, we’ve taken delight in creating a catalog of explanatory articles and videos for you to use to gain confidence when using crypto.

And when you’re set, In the Cloud is the place to visit next. It’s home to our investigative work into big picture blockchain topics; work which has truly helped the Cloudbet blog develop an authoritative voice within the crypto community over the past year. We’ve challenged conceptual boundaries, interviewed thought leaders from across the tech industry, and examined complex crypto issues affecting the world right now. And that’s us just getting started.

Looking forward

So what’s next? Where do we go from here? Well, to answer that, we look to you – our readers.

You’ve been busy sending in the type of content you want to see on the blog as part of our celebratory birthday competition, and – as a result – we’ve been busy listening. Over the next few months we’re going to continue to give you more of what you want.

We’ll carry on as a voice for crypto, reporting its evolution, its future and its place in the world right now – but we’ll still be providing you with the latest and the best from sports and casino, as well making sure to continue to find ways to reward you along the way.

So here’s to the future; one where we’ll build upon our foundations and seek to grow our space on the internet into something truly monumental. And no matter what else is in store – whether crypto prices rise or fall, new blockchain technologies succeed or fail, and sporting seasons start or end – one thing will always remain constant, and that’s our dedication to the Cloudbet Blog.

Like bitcoin, no one can predict how high we’ll be in another year’s time, but we’ll be sure to aim for the Moon. And you’re invited to stick around for the ride.

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