Cloudbet: Always Growing

Cloudbet has made a name for itself as an innovator and disruptor in the betting industry.

It’s a difficult mantle to assume, and to preserve. It necessitates that we constantly evolve our site, adding new features to ensure that you, dear customer, have the best bitcoin experience in the world – bar none.

We had a banner year in 2020: As the world at large grappled with a global pandemic, we tried to stay focused. We launched a new website, integrated six new cryptocurrencies and added features including esports, politics betting, virtual sports, social-media bet sharing and easy credit-card coin purchases.

We are happy to say that we’ve started 2021 where we left off, with a raft of new features, led by a world-first rollout aimed at professional sports players.

A world first?! Yes, well, in the bitcoin betting world, at any rate. What we’re doing is granting all customers and affiliates open access to our machine interface (API), allowing them to more closely integrate their activities with our crypto sportsbook.

For why that matters, see below for specifics, as well as details on the other shiny new things we’ve launched. That includes more flexibility in bonus activations, a new free spins reward for new deposits and the integration of fiat currency payments.

There will be much, much more to come in the coming months as we lurch from milestone to milestone. More innovation, more disruption. After all, we have a reputation to uphold!

Sportsbook enhancements

Cloudbet API access

This release is geared towards professional sports bettors, and, at a minimum, will allow players to see changes in market odds at a vastly accelerated rate. Meanwhile, a partner API tier allows other bookmakers to interface with Cloudbet to manage their customer liabilities.

All tiers share the same fundamental API, publicly documented under

Access is granted with API keys, which for affiliates can be found in the affiliate portal. Players can generate a trading key through an API section that will be available soon on their account page. Access to the keys is free, but requires players to have and maintain an account balance of at least 10 euros.

My favorites

Players can now enjoy easy access to their favorite sports and competitions. The ‘Favorites’ section in the sidebar can be populated by simply hovering over a sport and selecting the star or bringing up the competition page and clicking the star.

Betslip updates

Cloudbet’s betslip has been updated and now accommodates 12-leg parlays, giving players greater freedom and flexibility to place the ultimate parlay bet!

Odds changes can now be automatically accepted in betslips allowing for a faster and smoother betting experience.

Players are presented with three options when clicking the settings icon on their betslip. They can; auto-accept new odds, only auto-accept better odds or choose not to automatically accept new odds. If “Better only” is selected, the odds will automatically be accepted if they have improved in the player’s favour.

Market information

We’ve made it easier to understand the markets that we display in our sportsbook. Players can learn more about specific markets by hovering over the ‘i’ icon.

Money talks

This feature allows us to highlight on selected events any divergence in opinion between market odds and actual bets placed. The graph compares the winner probability (as calculated from market odds) to the “wisdom of the crowd,” which is represented by the proportion of bets placed by Cloudbet customers on each team or individual.

Here’s an example for this weekend’s fight between never-properly-tested YouTuber Jake Paul, and actual fighter, Ben Askren. It seems Cloudbet bettors aren’t believing the hype… or the odds.

Casino enhancements

New flexible bonus structure

In the sidebar of the “My account” page, players can now see a new section called “My bonuses” that lists all existing bonuses, along with an option to opt into their chosen reward, regardless of when it was credited to their account.

Previously, players would have to exhaust bonuses in the order in which they were awarded, before their next bonus could be unlocked.

Fiat currency integration

Besides 27 different coins to bet with, Cloudbet now accepts fiat currencies. Thanks to our recent wallet update, which gives our traditional crypto-focused customer base extra payment flexibility. Players can now choose to fund their accounts with US dollars, Canadian dollars, Euros and Japanese Yen.

screenshot showing user depositing fiat currencies at cloudbet

Old school throwback

Enjoy a throwback to the early days of Cloudbet with the Dark Mode theme selection. Click on your account icon to switch between Dark, Classic and Light mode.

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