Women’s Sports Betting Surges From 2023

In recent years, the world of sports betting has undergone a revolution. What was once dominated by wagers on male sports such as football, basketball, and tennis now includes a dramatically growing segment: betting on women’s sports. 

Leading betting platform Cloudbet has reported year-over-year surges in wagering volume on sports like basketball, tennis, volleyball, and handball driven by talented female athletes who are drawing huge new fanbases. The remarkable popularity of stars including Caitlin Clark, Breanna Stewart, Iga Świątek, and others have generated unprecedented interest in their competitions and teams. 

This seismic shift signals a broader cultural change where women athletes are receiving long overdue recognition and appreciation. Their outstanding skills and competitive drive are captivating audiences worldwide and transforming betting markets in the process.

2023-2024 YoY Growth of Women’s Sports Betting at Cloudbet | Source: Cloudbet Report, 2024

Basketball leading from collegiate levels

Basketball has been the catalyst for growth in women’s sports betting. According to Cloudbet, bets placed on the NCAA Women’s Championship finals increased 500% in 2023 compared to the previous year. WNBA betting rose 75% year-over-year.

“Stars like Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese, and Breanna Stewart have taken their games to new heights this year,” says Cloudbet. “It’s no surprise more fans and bettors are taking notice of the excitement and skill on display in women’s basketball.”

College hoops heat up after March Madness 

The 2023-2024 NCAA Women’s season witnessed record-breaking viewership for stars like Clark and Reese. Bets poured in for the epic Final Four matchup between UConn and Iowa and the championship game between Iowa and South Carolina.

WNBA primed for an exceptional draft 

At the professional level, icons like reigning MVP Breanna Stewart have helped attract new eyes to the WNBA. While Caitlin Clark is the obvious first pick for the 2024 WNBA draft class, fans will also be looking at LA’s Rickea Jackson, Chicago’s Cameron Brink, and Dallas’s Aaliyah Edward’s for more superstar entrances into professional women’s basketball.

Tennis aces women’s sport

Women’s tennis has emerged as a consistent favorite among bettors. Cloudbet reported a 48.9% uptick in tennis betting over the past year. Top rivalries between current world #1 Iga Świątek, Grand Slam champ Aryna Sabalenka, and US Open champ Coco Gauff keep fans engaged in betting action.

Volleyball’s momentum spiking

Women’s volleyball has seen a remarkable 57% increase in betting volume, indicating a growing appreciation for the sport’s fast-paced action and skilled athletes. The success of national teams like Serbia, Brazil, and Turkey in international competitions has helped to raise the profile of women’s volleyball globally. 

At the club level, stars like Turkish opposite Melissa Vargas and Brazilian outside hitter Gabriela Guimarães have become household names among volleyball enthusiasts.

Handball’s rapid ascent

Women’s handball has witnessed an impressive 89.2% increase in betting volume on Cloudbet’s platform. The European handball scene has been particularly strong, with powerhouse nations like Norway, France and Denmark consistently producing top-tier talent such as Norwegian right-back Nora Mørk and French line player Pauletta Foppa.

Squash shoots up the rankings

Squash has emerged as a surprising contender in women’s sports betting, with Cloudbet reporting a remarkable 290% increase in betting volume. The rapid-fire, strategic nature of squash has captured the attention of bettors looking for new and exciting opportunities. 

Egyptian stars like world #1 Nour El Sherbini and champion Nouran Gohar have brought their precision, power, and competitive fire to global audiences through outstanding championship performances.

Golf gears up as well

Women’s pro golf is gaining momentum, at 18% growth for the number of bets placed YoY, according to Cloudbet research. Higher-profile tournaments like the U.S. Open and AIG Women’s Open are driving increased interest from sports betting fans. America’s Nelly Korda and China’s Ruoning Yin are attracting new eyes to the LPGA Tour.

Women’s soccer storming ahead

Major international competitions continue to showcase world-class talent and tight matchups that fuel the growing enthusiasm for women’s soccer betting. Events like the Women’s World Cup and Euro Championship are prime opportunities for operators and bettors, with Cloudbet’s study citing a 21% growth in women’s soccer bets placed YoY.

Cryptocurrency & technology driving the future of women’s sports?

The integration of cryptocurrency and user-friendly technology is poised to propel women’s sports betting to even greater heights, particularly with the culmination of the segment at the Paris Olympics in 2024. By offering competitive odds, unique in-play markets, and the security of blockchain transactions, Cloudbet aims to be the top destination for online betting during this event and many more. As more operators follow suit in prioritizing this segment, future prospects for balanced betting across genders look bright.

Get in on the action – sign up today at Cloudbet to place your first bet on women’s basketball, tennis, volleyball, or another thriving league. 

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