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Cash Out Now Available On Cloudbet

Cash Out is a Cloudbet product which allows you to lock in profits or limit losses before your original bet has settled.
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What Do Betting Odds Mean? An advanced guide to deciphering different types of odds in betting

Betting odds help indicate the likelihood of an event and may help you determine whether a wager is worth pursuing if you can find value in the odds. Find out how to interpret those numbers and grasp the difference between the different odds formats.

The Tricky Science of Advanced Blackjack Strategy

This guide explores the science behind advanced strategies for winning at blackjack. Learn the rules of the game, how to decide on your game plan, and how to practice your strategy.
Betting Strategy

Betting Odds Explained

Learn the basics of betting odds, including what odds represent, how to convert odds to basic chance, how to work out your expected profit and the implied cost based on the betting margin.

Power Blackjack and tips to play

Everything you need to know about the Power Blackjack casino game, including a betting strategy to help build your stack.
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Bitcoin is better for betting

If you want to profit from betting in the long term, the challenge is traditionally framed as overcoming the bookmaker's margin, but what about inflation eroding your profit?
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Six Common Sports Betting Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make

When it comes to gambling, consistent wins are as much about avoiding pitfalls as it is about getting things right. We expose the six most common mistakes a rookie must overcome to become a true master.
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What are multiple bets and how to place them

Learn what a multiple bet is and how to place one, giving you the chance of increasing your chances of winning big at the Cloudbet bitcoin sportsbook.