The Basics: How To Play Poker With Bitcoin

For all the different forms of Poker, the objective is always the same: get the highest-scoring hand on the table. The way poker can turn from losing hands, to winning based on when cards are drawn has seen it grow into one of the world’s most popular casino games. In a game that blends strategy, luck and nerve, one card right at the end can change it all and win you everything.

The Basics of Poker

As there are various versions of the game, there’s no one set of rules. However, each of them do have the basic elements the same, including an ante. Each card is worth its usual value, with suits a vital part of the game. An Ace can be a 1 or 11, but it can’t be both in the same hand. In most forms of the game the Joker is not used.

The best hand a player can get is a Royal Flush. That’s when it’s Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10, each with the same suit. The next best is a running flush which is 5 cards in a row of the same suit. Then Four of a Kind (4 cards with the same number), a Full House (three cards the same and a pair), a Flush (any 5 numbered cards of same suit), a Straight (5 cards in a row of any suit), 3 of a Kind, a Pair and then finally a high card over a low card.

Different Types of Poker at Cloudbet

In Texas Hold ‘em, you’re dealt two cards face down. Your objective is to have a higher finishing hand than other players around the table. There is a Flop, which means three cards, a fourth card which is the Turn and the final card which is the River. These cards are dealt into the centre of the table face up. After the initial deal, betting usually takes place at each of the stages thereafter. The winner is the person with the best hand including all cards on the centre of the table. Because of how quickly a hand can turn from losing to winning, this style of poker is far and away the most popular.

In Caribbean Stud, one of the newest versions of the game, the player and dealer are each dealt five cards. The player sees their own cards and one of the dealer’s before deciding whether to fold or bet. In this form of the game there’s less focus on bluffing as it was designed as a specialist player versus dealer game.

In Pai Gow Poker, based on the ancient Pai Gow Dominos game, the aim is to make two winning hands from 7 cards. One of these is made up of 5 cards, the High Hand, with the other a Low Hand. While the High Hand has all the traditional options such as Flush and Straight available, the Low Hand only offers a Pair or a high card. The 5 cards must exceed the value of the Low Hand. Quite uniquely, you can use a Joker as a Wildcard. It can be used to complete a winning hand, or else as an Ace.

Play Poker with Bitcoin

Now you know the types of Poker available to you at Cloudbet, start playing. You can practice for free in our Casino. Then play for real bitcoin in our Live Casino. With low initial buy-ins but huge winning opportunities, there’s a table for every style of play. Good luck.

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