The Basics: How To Play Baccarat

Cloudbet’s bitcoin casino offers a fantastic range of popular live-dealer table games. In our “The Basics” series we revisit the casino classics, this time focusing on perhaps the most archetypal card game – Baccarat.

Baccarat undoubtedly has an air of Old World sophistication about it, conjuring up images of Monte Carlo and all the glamour and glitz of what casinos were in the halcyon days of years gone by. Famously, it is the preferred game of choice – and chance – of the inimitable 007. But through a long and storied history, it has reached the 21st Century and is consistently one of the highest-drawing card games – due in no small part to its ease of play and big-money bets. The Cloudbet bitcoin casino offers both live and table games so that you can start to explore the exhilarating experience yourself, in case Casino Royale seems just a little bit tricky to get to these days.

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The basics – How Baccarat works

Starting with the most important piece of information – the object of the game is to score a total of 9, with just two cards. Perhaps the next most important piece of information is to realise is that Baccarat is a game based purely on luck. Because of it’s simplicity, hands happen quickly too, which makes it enjoyable to play and time-effective when trying to grow your bankroll.

Numbered cards are worth their face value.

10s and Royal cards are worth 0.

Ace is worth 1.

Suits are irrelevant.

When your scoring total enters double-digits, the first digit is dropped – such that a 9 and 4 leaves you on 3, for example; as would a 6 and a 7. A 7 and an 8 leaves you on 5, while a pair of 5s would put you on 0.

The game is usually played with 8 decks in a shuffled shoe, the Banker dealing face down to the Player first, before themselves.

So far, so straightforward. Here’s where it get’s a little trickier… but there’s a bonus coming your way dear reader…

In a bid to get to 9 – or as close as possible – the Player draws a third card if their total lies between 0 and 5.

If your cards total 6 or 7, you must stick.

Should the Banker receive a value between 0 and 2, they have to take a third card.

If the Banker’s total is between 3 and 6, the decision to draw or not depends on the Player’s cards.

  • Hit with a 4 against a Player total of 2 through 7
  • Hit with a 5 against a Player total of 4 through 7
  • Hit with a 6 against a Player total of 6 and a 7

If the Banker holds a total of 7, 8 or 9, they must stick.

The alluring appeal of high betting requirements, lack of tactical strategy and the fortune-based nature of Baccarat meant that it has continued to thrive.

And here’s something that makes playing Baccarat even more fun: That bonus we teased you about?

You don’t even have to remember these rules as the Banker will automatically take of whether to draw or not, deal you or not, and – on top of all that – keep track of any commissions owed to the house, gently removing them from your winning when you decide your time at the table is up.

The bets – Win, Lose or Tie

There are three possible outcomes to any hand, and participants in the game can bet on any of the outcomes, before the cards are dealt:

Player wins – If the Player wins, you are paid out at 1:1, or even money – although you owe the house a 5% commission. The house edge on this bet is 1.24%

Banker wins – If the Banker wins, you are paid out at 1:1, or even money – although you owe the house a 5% commission. The house edge on this bet is 1.06%

Should the Banker and Player tie their total scores, then neither bet wins or loses. However…

Tie – This bet has a much larger house edge of 14.36% and pays out 8:1 (in some casinos, this might be 9:1 – which drops the house edge down to a far more manageable 4.84%).

These are the basics to the game, and with them in mind you are now armed with enough information to start taking on the house.

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