Cloudbet extends its best-odds ethos to offer matches at zero margin - no-commission bets on select sporting events to offer you the fairest odds available, meaning the best prices imaginable.

It’s all the same thing

Q: What's the difference between "No vig", "Commission free", "Zero margin" and "No juice"?
A: Nothing. It's all semantics. It's down to what you're used to hearing in your part of the world.

The British will be more familiar with margin, while Americans are more familiar with vig and juice, and "commission" probably lies somewhere in a more formal middle-ground - but at the end of the day, they all mean the same thing.

Here at Cloudbet, we talk about offering zero-margin bets, but that's just the vernacular we're used to.

What is margin?

It's another name for the "vig", or the "juice".

Whatever you call it, it's the fee that a sportsbook charges to cover the risk of placing your bet for you. You can think of it as the price you pay to play - and it can be found hidden in the odds offered on any given bet.

In this earlier blog post we dive deeper into an explanation and also show you how you can calculate the margin you're paying on the odds that you're offered - and that's important because margin can run to some seriously high percentages, say 8-10%, which in turn can seriously eat into your winnings.

Zero margin equals best odds. No vig equals the best market price that is mathematically possible. It’s the fairest price you can get on the street because no cut is taken from the prices on offer.

Zero margin = best odds. No vig = best market price.

We can illustrate this briefly with the trusty coin toss - a 50/50 event on Heads or Tails.

A fair game, in decimal odds, is written as: 2.00 / 2.00. Let’s say:

Book A takes 10% vig - and offers you odds of 1.90 / 1.90. A bet of $100 wins you $90.

Book B takes 5% commission - 1.95 / 1.95. A bet of $100 wins you $95.

Book C takes 7% juice - 1.93 / 1.93. A bet of $100 wins you $93

Cloudbet offers zero margin. You win $100 on your $100.

With zero margin, it means Cloudbet takes nothing - and you get the best possible market made on your bets.

Here’s a real-world example from on how Cloudbet’s zero-margin odds stack up against some of the other operators out there. The difference between the various odds on offer is essentially all down to margin.


So when it comes to the fairest odds and the fairest markets, margin/vig/ commission/juice is crucial to take into account.

And that’s why Cloudbet is proud to be able to consistently offer some of the lowest margins out there - not just on one-off events. Any sportsbook can lower its odds one time to make a splash and take the hit. But day in day out, that's a totally different matter.

If this sounds too good to be true, you can read more on how Cloudbet is able to do this.

Cloudbet’s sportsbook - Raising the game

Cloudbet proudly remains a pioneering bitcoin operator, with its sportsbook and bitcoin casino, and remains one of the most established, trusted sites for bitcoin gambling. Not only that, but you can bet with other cryptocurrencies too, including Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and USDT - the easiest entry point for anyone new to the cryptosphere.

Opening an account has never been easier - all you need is a credit or debit card to get started.

Cloudbet has a history of providing the best odds available across its sportsbook and esports markets, with margins typically of 2%-3%. Others sports books could be taking 7% or 8%, or even more.

These zero-margin offers are a natural extension of that excellence, offering bettors a next-level experience and the chance to maximise your winnings by getting the best price on select games across a wide range of sports, including the NFL and NBA, fight clubs like the UFC, tennis and European soccer leagues, including the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, and the Bundesliga.

Here at Cloudbet, we raise the game.

Raise yours by signing up and getting in on the action today.

Aug 13, 2020

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