Win Big With Lightning Baccarat

Unique to Evolution, you could up to 262,144x your stake! With a maximum of a whopping 80 BTC. The Cloudbet casino team also ensured that we were one of the first operators to have the electrifying table back in January. Set against a stunning black and gold background, Lightning Baccarat is the latest in Evolution’s Lighting games.

How Lightning Baccarat works

Functioning the same as traditional Baccarat, where players bet on Banker, Player, Tie and side bets, the player experience is enhanced through live betting statistics and a choice of roads. Cloudbet’s limits are as low as 0.1 mBTC up to 100 mBTC meaning you could land on our big winners list with even a minimum stake.

Massive Win Multipliers

In order to hit the lightning multiplier, a lightning fee of 20% is added to each bet, this is visible on the games interface. Once a bet is placed, every game round features 1-5 randomly chosen “Lighting Cards” along with random win multipliers. If you’re lucky enough to hit one or more Lightning Cards, your winnings will be multiplied 2-8x.

if you hit three matching Lighting Cards, your total winnings could be multiplied up to 512x.

Now, onto the good stuff. The multipliers can extend well beyond the above, for if you hit three matching Lighting Cards, your total winnings could be multiplied up to 512x. To hit the massive maximum multiplier of 262,144x, you’d need to land a winning bet on Tie with six matching Lighting Cards.

Follow these guides to start betting with Cloudbet today

1. How to create an account
2. How to deposit bitcoin into your account

Cloudbet Lightning Baccarat Promotions

The Cloudbet Casino team has run a variety of exciting promotions since launch, offering players to Bet Better and win more at Cloudbet. As a launch promotion, a 300 mBTC prize pool for the top 10 players with the largest turnover. A few weeks later, we offered players a chance to reduce their risk on an already high RTP game with a 20% cashback up to 50 mBTC.

For more information on upcoming promotions, check our regularly updated Promotions Hub, your dashboard and inbox.

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