Cloudbet is the best Online Casino in Ontario!

As of earlier this year, online gambling is fully legal and regulated in Ontario. Since then it has been possible for online betting sites and casino to operate within the borders of the province, offering new opportunities to fans of slots, table games and sportsbook betting. For anyone wishing to sign up to a casino site to enjoy games, there are plenty of options on the table, promising a wide range of different things on which to place bets. Which leaves the question open: Where should you go if you want to play at an online casino in Ontario?

Of course, you have plenty of choice in that matter, but there is a strong case to be made for the games and offers available at Cloudbet, which has been in operation for nearly ten years. As a crypto casino without a Know Your Customer (KYC) process, it has been available to players from within Ontario since before the wider legislation. As it is not based in Ontario, it has not needed to jump through all the hoops that new online casinos based in the state do - and it has delivered fairness, fun and casino gaming to gamers in Ontario and beyond during that time.

Of course, we may seem biased, so all we can do is give the facts about what makes Cloudbet the best online casino for customers in Ontario and beyond. Part of it is down to experience. With many years in the industry, we have been serving customers for close to a decade and have grown to become one of the largest crypto casinos in the world. If you’ve experienced an issue with an online casino in the past, rest assured that Cloudbet know of the ways that things can go wrong, and has always offered appropriate solutions to our customers. That’s something that can be lacking when you’re dealing with a new casino.

We also have unparalleled experience as a crypto casino: while many newer casinos show a lack of understanding of new digital currencies, we’ve been dealing with Bitcoin for nearly ten years, and have a solid understanding of that and any new crypto coin that has come along in the meantime. We offer wider Ethereum betting options than any other casino and will continue to develop our offer to crypto customers, even allowing bettors to buy crypto directly from us, keeping it away from exchanges who are determined to place limits on what you can do with your money.

Not to mention, we’ve got a huge range of games and a sportsbook that keeps growing as new markets open to bettors. You can bet on football and hockey here, but also on more esoteric markets such as eSports and Kabbadi. If you’re looking for a versatile new casino that has a lot to offer, then you should look out for Cloudbet, because we’re always looking out for our customers and offering them more than the other casinos.

So it’s not so much a matter of where you can bet online in Ontario. There’s a huge wealth of choice when it comes to casinos new and old, many of which are very good indeed. Here at Cloudbet, we’re more concerned with why you should bet with us, and from our exceptional choice of games, to the ease of signing up, and the excellent offers that are part of our player experience, it seems clear to us. Sign up to Cloudbet and you’ll be enthralled by what’s on offer.


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