How To Play Bitcoin Video Poker

Bitcoin video poker, unlike other electronic casino games like bitcoin slots, is not based solely on luck. There are also strategies that you need to be aware of to win before you play.

You can say that video poker is a game that bridges the gap between slot machines and table games for casino players. The main difference between slots and video poker is that in the latter you can make your own decisions to control the outcome of your poker hand.

There are different versions of video poker that you can choose from, such as Jacks of Better, Deuces Wild, Joker Wild and Triple Deuces – each with slightly different perks and feel to them.

The following guide will focus in teaching you the rules of the basic version of Video Poker: Jacks or Better. Take a look at our simple beginner’s guide on video poker and head on over to our casino to give it a try with our free play option.

How to play video poker

Similar to the traditional poker table game, each video poker game comes with five reels indicating the five cards that will be dealt to create a poker hand. Video poker is based on the game of draw poker and it consists of the same rules – except that the player is not playing against any other players nor the dealer. The goal is to get the highest ranked five-card poker hand possible.

Playing the game is pretty straight forward. First, you place a bet by clicking the “deal” button which then the machine will automatically deal you your first five cards. You will then have the option to “hold” any or all your cards in hand that you want to keep to create a strong five poker hand.

If your first five cards are terrible then you can also have the choice to get dealt five new cards. Once you’ve made the decision of which cards to keep and which to discard, click the “deal” button again and the cards that you have discarded will automatically be replaced with new cards.

Finally, the new cards that are dealt along with your “hold” cards will determine your win or loss, as this will be your final hand. If your hand is qualified, then you will be paid out according to the paytable shown by the machine. Make sure you take a look at the paytable and you pick a good paytable before you even start the game as this will increase your chances of winning.

Types of poker hands

Here are the main poker hands ordered by ranking (top left to bottom right).

Video poker winning strategies

Although most of the outcomes are determined by sheer luck, there are some strategies that can help you play video poker more effectively, making the whole experience more fun – and perhaps more profitable, too.

1. Take time to choose the suitable video poker game

Don’t just pick a random video poker game and start playing it. This will actually make you lose money. Take time to choose the most suitable video poker game by looking at the rules of the game and its paytable.

Different versions of video poker comes with different types of rules and paytables. Some come with bonus rounds where you can double up or increase your payout and some come with a wild which will substitute as any value or suit of card to get you a better poker hand.

2. Play with Maximum Bet

Playing with maximum coins will increase your chances of winning higher valued five card poker hand or even a jackpot. Not only will it increase your chances of hitting the big wins, but it will also increase your return of payout. Playing with less coins will decrease your chances of winning by getting five cards that will make up a weak poker hand and low return payout.

3. Be smart about which cards to hold

Much like when playing regular poker, this strategy requires a lot more time and effort. You are looking more into the mathematical side of the game by analyzing which cards you will take a risk to hold. This is more for the video poker players who are serious about the game.

There are strategy guides online that go in depth with what each sequence of cards you hold are worth in terms of its percentage of winning a strong five poker hand on its second round of card dealing.

There are also video poker calculators online that can also help you calculate which cards to hold for higher return rate. If you consider yourself a serious video poker player, we would recommend you check out strategy charts online if you are interested to know more about making decisions of your outcome.

4. Take advantage of our free play and practice

The best thing about our bitcoin casino is that all our video poker games are available to play for free which means you can test out different versions and see which one best suits you. Understanding how each video poker game works is important so that you can avoid the risks and rewards of each one. With free play option, you also get the luxury of practicing the game a couple of rounds until you are confident enough to play with real money.

Now that you know the basics of playing video poker, why don’t you head over to our bitcoin casino and test out the skills you’ve acquired straight away? Also, for maximum efficiency, make sure you read our winning strategy for Caribbean Stud Poker, Triple Card Poker, and Casino Hold’em.

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