Crash Gambling: Learn More About The Games Taking The Crypto World By Storm

If you haven’t already heard of or played Crash gambling, get ready to hear about little else for months, as these simple but exciting blockchain games will be taking up a lot of attention shortly. Crash games are the newest craze in crypto casinos, a highly-playable game that is usually built on Provably Fair code, and you’ll find some of the best right here at Cloudbet.

If you haven’t played Crash gambling games yet, you’ll need to learn the deal in a short time. So be prepared for our, ahem, crash course in these crypto betting games, which will help you to understand why they are increasing in popularity and developing far beyond what was initially expected of them.

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What is Crash gambling?

It really is as simple as it sounds. Crash gambling games involve a multiplier increasing steadily until it simply stops (or “crashes”). The player places a bet of whatever size they see fit, and if they can cash out before the multiplier stops, then they will win their original bet times the multiplier. In many crash games, the multiplier is unlimited… but can also crash early. The player has no way of knowing which will happen – it’s based on a Provably Fair RNG – but high multipliers reward bettors who holds their nerve for long enough to let it build. Just like Ethereum betting rewards people who hold on until their winnings gain added value, it’s a game of nerve.

‍How does Crash gambling work?

So let’s presume you’ve bet 2 BTC on a round of Crash gambling. When the game starts, the multiplier moves steeply up, and you get in there to cash the bet out before it has the chance to crash. When you stop the clock, the multiplier has reached as high as 7.03x. This means you have won 14.06 BTC. If, however, the multiplier crashed before you could cash out, you’d lose your stake entirely. So if you want to walk away with some winnings, you’ll need to be ready to cash out before the multiplier reaches its peak. It’s a test of nerve to see how high you can let it go before you claim your winnings.

Crash gaming strategy

Although it has a reputation as a simple Bitcoin betting game, many Crash gambling players like to take a strategic approach to the process, as they feel it can increase their winnings and bring added discipline to their play. Luck is going to play some part, but if you can maximize that luck with a strategic crypto betting approach then you will generally see better results in the long term. Among the key elements of Crash gambling strategy are:

Keep bets small to begin

You don’t know – ever – when the crash is going to come, so you need to keep a close eye on the game. Be aware that the crash is sudden and might happen within a second or two of the game launching. To ensure that your Bitcoin betting hopes aren’t damaged by overconfidence, ensure that your bets are small in the early rounds. After the crash, your crypto betting stake is gone and there’s no getting it back, so if you need to get used to the rhythm of the game, do it with small stakes. Whether it’s Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or Ethereum betting, you don’t want to exhaust your crypto bankroll early on.

Learn all about automated bets

Most of the best Crash gambling games offer the opportunity to place automated crypto bets which will be applied to every round of the game until you stop them. These bets will go on without you needing to physically press anything, so they should generally be small bets which ensure you don’t lose much, and when you win you simply accumulate steadily. These should not be mistaken for automated cash-outs, which immediately take the winnings when the multiplier reaches a certain point.

You can set both at the same time, but remember that if you don’t set an automated cash-out, you will need to manually intervene before the crash. Automating a bet merely means automatically placing it.

Bet low after a win

When you have just won money on a Bitcoin bet, it is advisable to consolidate your gains, so you don’t want to hand it all back on the next bet. Keep your crypto betting amount low (always on the first bet after a win, and sometimes for longer) and aim for small wins to consolidate your position. If you are going to increase your betting amount, do it 0.1 of a unit at a time and only in the aftermath of a losing bet.

Is Crash gaming legit?

If you are going to put your time and money into any form of cryptocurrency betting, you want to know above all else that it has been worth it. Chiefly, you want to know that you’re not getting scammed. Players will not be happy to bet on Crash gaming and see their bets fall short time after time. To give you a fighting chance, that random number generator really needs to be random.

When you’re playing at a crypto casino, there is one way to be absolutely sure that a game is legit, and that’s to check that it is provably fair. At Cloudbet we can give you the reassuring answer that – like all of our crypto casino games, including popular game of chance Plinko – our Crash gambling games are completely legit, provably fair, and guaranteed fun. You may win or lose when you bet on Crash gaming, but whichever way it goes, it is provably legitimate.

What we mean by this is, whether you win or lose, you are given the chance to look at the algorithm that controls your game, and you get to see that the game has been properly randomized. It’s one thing to tell you that the game has been legitimate, but few casinos will do what we do and offer you the chance to see that it has been. It won’t turn any losses into wins, but it’s only right that we show you under the hood and confirm that the game is legitimate.

In summary

Crash gambling is an interesting game because it’s genuinely simple to follow, it’s easy to figure out what you’ve won, and you have a legitimate chance of emerging with something every time you play. It’s also exciting because you have the opportunity to let it run and see how high the multiplier can get before you decide to cash in. And like all the best games at the Cloudbet crypto casino, you can be confident that it’s a fair game. If you want to be sure of that, you can check, thanks to the Provably Fair technology used to generate the results. All in all, it’s well worth checking out Crash gambling if you’re looking for an interesting new casino game to get into.

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