The subject of crypto on Twitter has never been short of big personalities, big names and even bigger egos.

That may have something to do with Bitcoin itself. Cryptocurrency has a knack of appealing to pioneers and mavericks, builders and entrepreneurs, and, we daresay, happy misfits who, quite frankly, don’t really belong anywhere else.

For that reason, any influencers list is bound to feature an intriguing gallery of characters, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Influencers of course come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. The Cloudbet Blog kicks off this look at the Twittersphere with a list of the top crypto influencers on Twitter, with the aim of adding to this in the future to broaden the field of vision

We want to stress that these names are presented in no particular order, there is no Cloudbet affiliation with any names given, and Cloudbet neither endorses nor opposes any of the views that are expressed on these channels.

If you aren’t already, get ready to get following...

17 of the top crypto influencers on Twitter

Anthony Pompliano - 132,000 followers - @PompBot
Anthony ‘Pomp’ Pompliano is a cut above your average crypto influencer. Perhaps his best contribution to the world of crypto is his regular brushes with mainstream media where he delivers a rock solid grip on fundamentals, a ‘never back down’ attitude, and a fair few mic drop moments. When challenged on CNBC by Shark Tank’s Kevin O'Leary he told him: “Over 50% of my net worth is in Bitcoin and I don’t plan to sell it.”

Pomp featured in the Cloudbet Blog’s recent sister post 11 crypto influencers you should be following in 2020.

PlanB - 133,000 followers - @100trillionUSD
There comes a time in the life of every crypto user when they have to decide whether to let their crypto knowledge stagnate, or to level up. PlanB is the kind of influencer the second gravitates toward.

PlanB is a Dutch institutional investor with a background in legal and quantitative finance, and the creator of the Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model, which the Cloudbet Blog has posted about in the past.

Nick Szabo - 247,000 followers - @NickSzabo4
Nick Szabo is the gigabrain behind Bit Gold and smart contracts. He’s also an outspoken, opinionated and political presence on crypto Twitter that some users may find triggering. Warning: Nick Szabo’s Twitter timeline is not a safe space.

Jameson Lopp - 233,000 followers - @lopp
Bitcoin maximalist, cypherpunk and champion beard-grower Jameson Lopp is one of the best known figures in crypto. He also produces a ton of informative Bitcoin content, resources and tools. including the Bitcoin Node explorer

Roger Ver - 607,000 followers - @rogerkver
To some he’s ‘Bitcoin Jesus’, to others he’s a very naughty boy. As the man who helped fork Bitcoin to create Bitcoin Cash, Ver tends to polarize opinions - in a community that isn’t known for its reservation or restraint. The owner of is undoubtedly a hard figure to ignore, as his significant follower count demonstrates.

Matt Odell - 44,400 followers - @matt_odell
Matt Odell is a Bitcoin influencer who focuses on issues of privacy. He works to educate bitcoiners on surveillance and security and is the co-presenter on the popular and well-named crypto podcast Tales from the Crypt.

Romano - 56,400 followers - @RNR_0
Developer, trader, experimental drug dabbler. Bitcoin has its share of colourful characters, but Romano still manages to stand out from the crowd. He will most probably remain best known for fulfilling “the prophecy” with Brenna Sparks. As far as epitaphs go, that one’s alright.

If you’re wondering who Brenna Sparks might be, she’s also into crypto… and other stuff (here’s her SFW twitter handle, from which you can do more exploration if you feel so inclined).

YT - 33,600 followers - @coin_artist
YT is perhaps best known for her string of crypto puzzles including TORCHED H34R7S. Launched in 2015 with a prize of 5 BTC, it took three years for the cryptographic painting-cum-puzzle to be cracked, and that’s in a space with some very smart people. The one of a kind YT is currently focusing on her RPG game and her defi token $COIN.

Preston Byrne - 42,500 followers - @prestonjbyrne
Libertarians and Bitcoin go hand in hand. If you mix those first two ingredients with an ‘outspoken technology lawyer’.... what you get is Preston Byrne.

Chris Burniske - 125,000 followers - @cburniske
“What about the token velocity problem?” In 2017 Chris Burniske became a pioneer of crypto asset valuation, applying economic theory to Cryptoassets in the book of the same name. His name is perhaps not as widely mentioned or high profile as it was during peak ICO season, but for those in the know, Chris is regarded as one of the top minds in the space.

Vitalik Buterin - 960,000 followers - @VitalikButerin
Some people have a way of explaining a subject so that anyone can understand it. Then there’s Vitalik Buterin, who could perplex an audience describing how to fall off a log. Ethereum’s creator and founder is always willing to talk and engage and never knowingly talks down to his audience, even if, at times, that might help a little with comprehension.

Arthur Hayes - 94,900 followers - @CryptoHayes
Arthur Hayes, CEO of BitMex (aka 100x), has been awarded the title of top chad in crypto. If you pick and read any random tweet from his Twitter account, you’ll see why. He’s the most alpha guy in crypto.

Preston Pysh - 103,000 followers - @PrestonPysh
If you like your Bitcoin with a side order of technical and business analysis, Preston Pysh is the influencer for you. Preston takes complex ideas and boils them down for accessibility.

CZ - 576,900 followers - @cz_binance
As the CEO of Binance, CZ earns his place on the list almost by default. It’s not an attitude, it’s not a gimmick, it’s just a whole lot of money and sheer hard work that sets crypto CZ apart. When the exchange king talks, crypto listens. Stay SAFU.

Cameron Winklevoss - 204,000 followers - @winklevoss
Is there any name in crypto, apart from Satoshi Nakamoto himself, that is more famous than Winklevoss? As one half of ‘The Winklevoss Twins’ it’s a name that Cameron shares with his brother Tyler - but only one of them can have the Twitter handle @winklevoss. That honour goes to Team Cameron.

Tyler Winklevoss - 247,900 followers - @tylerwinklevoss
Much like his brother Cameron, Tyler is an athlete, entrepreneur, big time crypto investor, and a man who isn’t overly accustomed to settling for second best. Sure, his Twitter handle might be the slightly less snappy, but he has a whole extra 40,000 followers to make up for it.

John McAfee - 1 million followers - @officialmcafee
Anti-virus millionaire.
Presidential candidate.

He once claimed to have made love to a whale.

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