In recent years, it has become easier to bet in Canada, with new and more liberal legislation recently making it much easier in Ontario being just one example. This has led to an increase in the popularity of betting in general, and if you’ve been interested in giving it a try then you might well be wondering where to start. The truth is, it’s easy to get started. Betting these days is as simple as opening an app on your phone. The better question is which of these apps is the best gambling app in Canada in 2022? Which one should you start with?

The only way to answer this question is to think first about what you really need from a casino. When you know what you’re after, there is going to be less stress about making a choice because the obvious answers will make themselves known pretty quickly. And yes, we know we’re not exactly an impartial judge on this one, but it may surprise you to learn that Cloudbet offers an excellent deal on each of the most important criteria for a really good casino.

Range of games

A casino does stand and fall on its selection of games. It’s not just about quantity, either; quality plays a pretty significant role in evaluating the range of games at a casino. The best gambling apps will have a decent number of slots that offer variety, from sparkly fantasy-based games to more innovative titles. They’ll offer basic versions of the classic table games like Roulette and Blackjack, but they’ll also offer newer versions which offer a different spin on the classics - such as Lightning Roulette at Cloudbet, which peps up the original with some new touches.

Great offers

Any casino in the market today will know the importance of offering the customer a little something up front. When you can bet with the casino’s money for a while and make some winnings, everything becomes a little bit sweeter. It just so happens that Cloudbet has some of the best signup bonuses available to online bettors, with matched deposit amounts that go much higher than the average fiat casino could ever offer.

Superb customer service

We like to think of customer support as being like a parachute. You hope not to have to use it, but when you do, you’ll be grateful that it’s there and it works. Our customer support department is staffed with knowledgeable operators who will resolve any issue you do have quickly and completely. Your experience of playing with a casino app should be all about the games and the fun you can have, so we’ll make sure you’re back where you want to be - enjoying the classic games in our casino - without delay.

Games you can trust

Casinos are, for the most part, completely trustworthy. They need to be, or they would never get cleared to offer the services they do. But we understand that just saying it doesn’t really satisfy anyone, which is why players at Cloudbet can play our Provably Fair games. We’ll show you exactly how they work, so you know you’re not wasting your time playing a game that is designed to take your money and give you nothing.

In short, with all of the above taken into account, added to our ability to accept a range of crypto coins beyond any other provider - as well as Canadian dollars! - we’re certain you should sign up to Cloudbet for the best gambling app in Canada in 2022, and we feel like we have the ability to back that assertion up with facts.


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