It is increasingly common knowledge that one of the most popular uses of cryptocurrency in the present day is at crypto betting sites and casinos. Supporters of the most prominent crypto coins can enjoy a betting experience that is greater than the usual options on offer from casinos which deal only in fiat currencies. With faster withdrawals and safer online payments, crypto casinos give their customers a little bit extra that makes them a solid choice for sportsbook and casino bettors.

That being the case, it becomes a matter of which casino you would choose to play at. You’re obviously going to be looking for the best crypto casino in Canada, but what does that mean? What sets one or more casinos out from the crowd? Well, at Cloudbet we’ve been taking people’s crypto bets for nearly a decade, far longer than most crypto casinos, and we like to think we know a bit about this. So we’ve got a few ideas for what makes a casino the best crypto casino in Canada, and we’re going to run through them here.


Well, yes, we would say that! However, being in this market for as long as we have means that we know what works and what doesn’t. An experienced crypto casino will have no difficulty in understanding what casino customers want, and know how to give it to them. It will know what you want to bet on, and offer markets for that. It will also have years of experience in accepting crypto payments and paying winnings to successful customers. You don’t stick around for as long as Cloudbet has without learning a few lessons and applying them.


If you wanted the same old thing, you could have hundreds of casinos to choose from. Being the best crypto casino in Canada means knowing when to take a different view on things and try something new. That means you’ll find innovative and exciting games on Cloudbet casino, from the best new slots to a different slant on a table game like roulette. You’re not going to come away from a playing session at the best crypto casino thinking “I just wish it wasn’t the same experience every time.”. You’ll never feel like that at Cloudbet.


We all know that there are good and bad ways of doing things, right and wrong paths to take. And we know that there are some casinos whose approaches let down the entire industry from time to time. Here at Cloudbet, we are committed to providing provably fair games so that you know wins and losses come from a fair place. We want you to have a chance to win, because we want you to enjoy playing here. So we make sure you have a fair shake.


When you win at an online casino, you want to enjoy that win - and to have the choice of when you get to enjoy it. If your bet comes off at a fiat currency casino, you might have to wait until next week to actually have the money in your own possession. At Cloudbet, depending on the coin you use, you could have your winnings within seconds. We accept and trade in a variety of cryptocurrencies which include ETH, DOGE and Litecoin. And when you win, you won’t have to wait to enjoy it.

All of the above are genuine reasons why we think we’re the best crypto casino in Canada. Sign up to Cloudbet and you’ll enjoy the casino experience the way it should be. And we feel comfortable making that promise, because so many people have already made exactly that choice.

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