Any casino operating in Toronto knows they are going to have plenty of competition for the attentions of customers. Players in Canada’s largest city have a long list of options for what to do with their time and money, so getting their attention is never going to be easy. So to keep them coming back, a provider needs to be the best online casino Toronto has seen - and that means hitting the mark in a wide range of categories.

Needless to say, we’d make a strong argument that Cloudbet is the best online casino in Toronto, but we know that we need to back that up with details. So we can make the promise that if you sign-up to Cloudbet, we will make it more than worth your while. And we’ll explain to you now why we think that this would be your best decision.

A wide range of betting options

When you sign up to a casino, you won’t stay a customer very long if there isn’t much of a game library there. There are plenty of casinos out there with hundreds of slots and a fair bunch of table games. So the best online casino in Toronto will at least need to go some way to match the size of those game libraries. At Cloudbet, you can find extensive gaming opportunities, across categories that include slots, progressive jackpots, Roulette and Poker among many others.

A sportsbook would be nice

Casino gaming is fun, and the randomness of the games is often a selling point for new players. However, sometimes you have hunches about a sporting event or even something political and would like to back those hunches with money. Cloudbet maintains an extensive sportsbook with countless markets for betting on, including a wide range of eSports markets. If you ever want a break from casino gaming, you’ll find a sportsbook fitting for the best online casino in Canada.

The casino should be trustworthy

If you are going to put your money somewhere, you want to know that it is being handled by a company that is respectable and fair. At Cloudbet, we’ve taken a keen and proactive interest in providing Provably Fair games to our customers, so as to make very clear that money lodged with us will be safe and used only for games that give you a fair chance to win. We’re also licensed, so we can prove that our methods of storing your money between bets are secure and verified by a third party.

A healthy range of offers

We doubt there are any more than a few casinos out there that don’t have some special promotions in the locker for their customers. In the main, it’s a standard thing to offer. What should be more common, though, is the kind of offer that pays out to customers once they’ve actually won. At Cloudbet, we don’t believe in endlessly making you win the same money time and time again, so any playthrough requirements are minimal. And we keep the offers coming, too, so you’re not just being offered something special to get you through the door.

We’re committed to making your experience the best it can be, and we do listen to customer feedback, so being a Cloudbet customer really does pay off. We recommend heartily that you sign-up to Cloudbet and start seeing this payoff right away. Pretty quickly you’ll see why we’re the best online casino in Toronto, and just how much work we put in to make sure that we stay at the top of that tree.


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