Shoot The Undead In This Ghoulish Bitcoin Slot

Cloudbet are excited to announce the launch of our brand new interactive slot Max Quest: Wrath of Ra*. Developed by Betsoft, this isn’t your regular slot. Despite having five reels and three paylines, that’s where the similarities end – because you are in control. Send the undead back to the crypt and get rewarded in crypto.

So aim well and pull the trigger, as a restless bunch of ragged foul creatures are coming your way.

An interactive dungeon shoot-out awaits you

Sharp, defined animations accompany a ground-breaking multiplayer format, where up to six players can join in on the hunt for the undiscovered treasures of Ancient Egypt. It lies within the tombs, waiting to be found. However, one thing stands in your way – the deadly army awoken by the Wrath of Ra.

How to play Max Quest

It’s simple – use your mouse to aim and click to make it rain lead over hordes of undead. Every bullet you fire is a wager placed, and every bullet that kills gets you a reward. You can use auto-target so all shots ricochet until they hit your target, so you’re guaranteed that some undead will die – again.

As you collect prizes, you can buy special weapons that will unleash massive damage to the awoken, making your job a lot easier. Do enough to unlock the top prize, and 5000 coins, equivalent to $100,000, could be yours at the click of a button.

But that’s not the only way to get your hands on the treasure hidden beneath the Egyptian tombs, as successful bullets can also trigger two bonus features at anytime throughout the game.

Bonus features

Unleash the Fire Enemies, where a kill could win you 5000x your original bet, or enlist the shooting strength of your fellow explorers in a God Event, as you come face to face with the roaming Pharaoh Gods of yesteryear. Send them back to the underworld, and a prize pool – consisting of 2% of all wagers placed in the game – will be split between you all, based on your performance in shoot-out.

Climb the in-game leaderboard

As you continue your battle through the legendary Egyptian tombs, you’ll also be given individual quests to complete. Ranging from effortless 1-star pursuits to epic 5-star adventures, these quests will earn you experience points (XP). The more you collect, the higher up you’ll go on the leaderboard, and the closer you’ll get to the ultimate prize: a treasure chest filled with in-game improvements or cash prizes.

With so many ways to win, we’re certain our latest addition to the Cloudbet casino will not disappoint. This is a game where your determination is tested, and your courage needed. Now only one question remains. Can you face the Wrath of Ra?

*Max Quest: Wrath of Ra contributes 0% to rollover for bonuses.

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