Power Blackjack And Tips To Play

In today’s world of online bitcoin casinos, live tables are the go-to option for most players looking to try their hand at a game of skill, or luck alike.

Cloudbet already offers players a wide range of over 50 live table games, but is proud to have recently added Power Blackjack from leading game developer Evolution Gaming.

Although there are multiple variations to the game, general blackjack rules are fairly standard. In blackjack, all players play against the dealer. Two cards are dealt to both the player (closed) and the dealer (the first closed, the second open), after which players decide whether to hit another card (or cards) or stand with the hand they were dealt. To win, a player’s cards must have a higher total than the dealers, without busting over 21; or have a total less of 21 or less if the dealer exceeds 21 and goes bust. Face cards are 10, with Ace high at 11, or low at 1, based on the player’s discretion. “Blackjack” is hit when 21 is scored with the two cards dealt.

Cool? As with most live casino games there are variants and extra side bets that can be made during the game. The side bets on offer here are one of the selling points of the new game.

Evolution’s Infinite series

The first edition of this range of live table casino games is the extremely popular Infinite Blackjack, which allowed players to get a seat at a table immediately, with the added benefit of low limits, meaning you don’t have to be a big spender to join in the fun. This remains the case with Power Blackjack, which through improvements in technology means Evolution can now offer players an unrivalled experience.

How to play Power Blackjack

Power Blackjack assumes the style of gameplay similar to that of regular and Infinite Blackjack, but offers players more chances to win big.

Players can now multiply their winnings further than in a game of regular blackjack as Power Blackjack allows players to double, triple or quadruple down on their first two cards drawn, even after a split. If that isn’t enough, the dealer will go on to check for Blackjack on Jack, Queen, King and Ace.

Power Blackjack is, like regular Blackjack, played using 8 decks. However, the difference with this game is that the picture cards remain and 9s and 10s are removed from all decks. What does this mean for you? Well, this means there are 64 fewer cards available, 32 of which could be instrumental in hitting 21 on the first deal – spicing things up and giving established players the opportunity to test and develop new strategies.

Side bets in Power Blackjack

Power Blackjack offers players a multitude of side bets to maximise their winnings. Options available are:

  • Any Pair
  • Bust it
  • Hot 3
  • 21+3

Players are able to place side bets in combination with the main bet and can still win on side bets even if their main blackjack bet loses.

Any Pair

The Any Pair side bet option allows players to place a bet on the first two cards dealt the player. There are two winning combinations:

  • Any pair (e.g., 7 of Clubs and 7 of Hearts). Pays out 7:1
  • Suited pair (e.g., 2x Queen of Hearts). Pays out 20:1

Bust It

With the Bust It side bet, players can wager on the outcome of the dealer’s cards exceeding 21. (Note: This side bet is pushed if the player has Blackjack).

We outline below the different combinations for the Bust It side bet:

  • Bust with 3 cards
  • Bust with 4 cards
  • Bust with 5 cards
  • Bust with 6 cards
  • Bust with 7 cards
  • Bust with 8 or more cards.

Each combination comes with a different payout so it is worth keeping in mind.

  • 3 cards = 1:1
  • 4 cards = 2:1
  • 5 cards = 8:1
  • 6 cards = 25:1
  • 7 cards = 100:1
  • 8 cards = 250:1

Hot 3

The Hot 3 bet allows players to bet on the combination of three cards – made up of the player’s two cards dealt and the one open card dealt the dealer. Here are the different combinations that are possible (different payouts for each).

  • Total 19 (e.g., Jack of Hearts, 2 of Diamonds, 7 of Spades)
  • Total 20 (e.g., 8 of Hearts, 2 of Diamonds, Queen of Spades)
  • Total 21 (e.g., 8 of Diamonds, 3 of Diamonds, King of Diamonds)
  • Total 21, unsuited (e.g. 8 of Hearts, 3 of Diamonds, King of Spades)
  • 7-7-7 (e.g., 7 of Hearts, 7 of Clubs, 7 of Diamonds).


With the 21+3, players have the chance to win if their first two cards plus the dealer’s open card create a winning combination. Similar to in Poker, these are the potential winning combinations players can get in this side bet (different payouts for each).

  • Suited trips (an identical triplet)
  • Straight flush (in numerical sequence and same suit)
  • Three of a kind (same value but different suits)
  • Straight (in numerical sequence but different suits)
  • Flush (non-sequential cards in the same suit)

Power Blackjack Strategy

Evolution Gaming suggests that the theoretical return to player (RTP) ranges between 98.80% for Blackjack to 94.71% for the Bust It side bet. This is based on a strategy that they provide, and we have laid out below – but Cloudbet does not guarantee this is the best way to play Power Blackjack – but maybe it’s a great starting point from which your can develop your own strategy!

When to split

  • Split a pair of 2s if the dealer has 6
  • Split a pair of 3s if the dealer has 2-8
  • Split a pair of 4s if the dealer has 6
  • Never split a pair of 5s!
  • Split a pair of 6s if the dealer has 2-8
  • Split a pair of 7s if the dealer has 2-7
  • Always split a pair of 8s!
  • Never split a pair of 10s!
  • Split a pair of Aces if the dealer has 2-6 and 8-10

When to quadruple down

  • On a pair of 5s if the dealer has less than 10
  • On a hard 10 if the dealer has 2-7
  • On a hard 11 if the dealer has 2-8
  • On a soft 15 and soft 16 if the dealer has 6
  • On a soft 17 if the dealer has 5-6
  • On a soft 18 if the dealer has 2, 4, 5, 6
  • On a soft 19 if the dealer has 6

When to hit or stand

  • Always hit on a hard 15 or less
  • Hit on a hard 15, unless the dealer has 5
  • Hit on a hard 16 unless the dealer has 2, 4-6
  • Stand on hard 17 unless dealer has 11
  • Always stand on a hard 18 or more
  • Always hit on a soft 17 or less
  • Stand on a soft 18, unless the dealer has 8-Ace
  • Stand on soft 19 or more

Our verdict

Power Blackjack is a refreshing addition to Evolution Gaming’s growing roster of Infinite live casino table games. With this, there are more chances to win with each hand than regular or in the original Infinite Blackjack. It also gives veteran blackjack players the chance to play the game they love while testing new strategies to beat the dealer.

Now that we’ve given you all you need to know about Power Blackjack, why not see for yourself if you’re equipped to start to build your stack!

Cloudbet’s online casino offer 1000s of slots and hundreds of table games, including over 50 live dealer tables. If Blackjack isn’t for you, check out our Poker, Roulette and Baccarat offerings.

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