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We’ve all seen the TV show Deal or No Deal, and it’s a show that has gone worldwide in the 21st century since it was initially launched in its original form in the Netherlands in 2000. Indeed, it’s gone so far and wide that there are competing arguments as to who launched it first – but for Canadian players, it first hit our screens in February 2007 hosted by Howie Mandel. Now, thanks to Evolution Gaming, you can play Deal or No Deal with crypto at Cloudbet – and it’s every bit as thrilling as the version broadcast on Global.

How to play Deal or No Deal

In case you’ve never seen the show, we’ll start with a rundown of how the game works. You, the player, are in possession of a locked briefcase which contains a ticket showing an amount of money. In front of you are fifteen more briefcases, each also representing a cash amount. There is a top prize (which differs from version to version in the TV equivalent, and is dependent on your bet size in the casino game), and fifteen more prizes of varying amounts ranging from “pretty substantial” to “not very much”.

You will not open your briefcase until the very end of the game, so you don’t know what is in it. When playing the game, you select other briefcases from the lineup in front of you to be opened. When a briefcase is opened, the prize within it is taken off the table – so you’re hoping to pick the cases with smaller amounts inside. After a certain number of briefcases have been opened, you will receive an offer from the “Banker”, who will try to buy the case from you for an amount they consider to be fair, based on which prizes are still in play.

If you play the game successfully, you’ll eliminate the smaller numbers and force the Banker into making higher offers. You can end the game and walk away with the amount offered by the Banker at any time, or you can hold on until the end, in the hope that the amount in your briefcase is the top prize. You can also swap your briefcase for the last remaining one in play. The Banker will make one final offer, of an amount between the two remaining prizes, and the final case will then be opened. At this point, you’ll either win a substantial amount, or walk away wishing you’d decided differently.

How is the Evolution version different?

While the Grand Prize in the TV version was $1,000,000, the amount on offer at Cloudbet will be based on your qualifying bet – it can be anything up to 500x what you have bet, depending on the result of the spin of a wheel. You can then open the Bank Vault, at which point you can top up the amount by a further amount, and then it’s on to the game proper. At this point, it becomes just like the TV show. You open a preset number of briefcases and seek to eliminate the lower amounts, and will receive offers from the Banker.

Play Deal or No Deal at Cloudbet, where you can use your crypto deposits to fund your initial bet and then go on to see if you can succeed where so many TV contestants have failed so agonisingly. Just one word of warning – making those decisions is a lot more difficult when it’s your money on the line, and the Banker will never give you a perfect offer!

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