Introducing Cloudbet's Provably Fair Arcade

Updated 31 August 2021.

Explore Cloudbet’s Provably Fair Crypto Arcade

Cloudbet’s Provably Fair crypto arcade offers eight new provably fair games. The simplicity of the gameplay means the action is fast, the games are wonderfully engaging, and the overall experience is hugely entertaining.

What’s more, all the randomly generated outcomes in every game are provably fair – which means that if you have the inclination, you can check the authenticity of the games’ results. You can find a Cloudbet blog post here that explains what provably fair is and how it works, and how to verify the results of any game you play.


Aviator is Cloudbet’s Provably Fair flagship game – an updated spin on the classic crypto game Crash. No one we know who has tried it has been anything short of captivated.

How to play Aviator online?

Select the size and place your bet before each round and wait for the plane to take off.

As it flies, watch the provably fair randomly generated multiplier tick ever higher.

Hold your nerve as the multiplier grows… and make sure to bag your winnings by checking out before the plane flies away. Your winnings are calculated as a coefficient of the multiplier.

Minimum bet: EUR0.10; Maximum bet: EUR250; Maximum win per single bet: EUR25,000.

Special features

Provably fair: Like all the games in the Crypto Arcade, Aviator is provably fair.

Betting window: On the left of your screen, “All Bets” shows you all the action in the current round – the total number of bets placed, how much others players have bet, what coefficient they checked out on, and what their winnings were. “My Bets” will show you your bet history and under the “Top” tab you get to see – by Day, Month or Year – the Biggest Wins, a list of Huge Wins and, importantly, the coefficients associated with those wins.

How about a EUR31.77 stake netting a EUR7,000.78 win on a coefficient of 220.30x? Or knowing that the highest coefficient of the year so far was almost 75,000x?

Round History: At the top of the screen you can see the last 10 or so closing coefficients, with the option to drop this down to show the last 60 “fly away” coefficients.

Player chat: Aviator also gives you the option to open a chat window to interact with others while you’re playing – just to say hello, or for some harmless banter – or if so inclined, to lord it up over those less fortunate than yourself by sharing your big wins.


Plinko is a game in the classic style of the traditional coin- or ball-drop arcade games. Anyone who has been to the UK might recall the coin-drop machines on seaside piers, desperately hoping that that stack of precariously placed coins on the edge of the collection shelf takes a tumble. On the other side of the world, there’s no mistaking the similarity to the undisputed king of Japanese gaming parlours, Pachinko.

How to play Plinko online?

Select the size of your bet.

Select the number of rows you’d like to appear in your pyramid – choose from 12 (Low), 14 (Normal), or 16 (High).

Think about your desired multiplier row, be it Green, Yellow or Red. Multipliers in the harder to reach parts of the baseline – i.e., further out from the centre – pay greater amounts than those closer to the centre. Note the different distribution of multipliers by colour, Red being the most extreme.

Drop the disc by clicking on your chosen colour and see where it lands.

Minimum bet: EUR0.10; Maximum bet: EUR250; Multipliers: 0x to 353x.


A variation of the minesweeper classic. Try to clear the board, or go as far you’re comfortable with avoiding the mines and blowing up your winnings.

How to play Mines online?

Select the size of your bet.

Select the number of mines you want to appear in the 25-square grid. In this example, we’ve chosen 10. This will obviously affect the multipliers on your wins as it alters the likelihood of success. The greater the number of mines, the greater the multipliers grow as you progress and the odds of hitting a losing mine increase.

Click through the tiles to reveal the stars.

As you go, your winnings are tracked so you can see exactly where you stand and it’s easy to identify how much you can cash out for.

At the top right of the screen, the green tile shows you how much the next reveal is worth. This can increase tremendously quickly depending on your chosen game settings.

In the example below, the first tile was worth EUR80.83, with incremental increases of EUR138.57 and EUR245.16 – total winnings to cash out at this stage: EUR245.16… Next tile is worth EUR449.46.

Minimum bet: EUR0.10; Maximum bet: EUR250. Multipliers, as explained, vary within your chosen parameters.

Goal Mines

It’s the same theory as Mines, but with fewer variables and a more straightforward goal… get the soccer ball across from left to right.

How to play Goal Mines online?

Select the size of your bet.

Select the size of the pitch you want to play with: Small (3 rows x 4 columns), Medium (4×7) or Big (5×10).

In this game there’s only one mine within each column – so in this example there’s a one in four chance of hitting it.

Minimum bet: EUR0.10; Maximum bet: EUR250. Multipliers are shown on the bottom of the grid for any given turn (the largest, for the last column of the big field is 9.03x).


It’s the US take on the UK’s Bingo and similar to a Lotto-style lottery. Select up to 10 numbers from the card and wait to see if they’re called.

How to play Keno online?

Select the size of your bet.

Select your 10 numbers from the card of 1-36. You can opt to have the game pick randomly too. These are highlighted in pink. Click on the Bet bar to start.

The random numbers selected are highlighted by a yellow circle. The numbers you hit correctly show in gold.

The multipliers are shown to the right of the card.

Minimum bet: EUR0.10; Maximum bet: EUR250. Multipliers shown on screen, maxing out at 100x for the last number on a full win.


This provably fair HiLo game is one of the most popular crypto arcade games out there. Play your cards right to win big. Bet if the next card is going to be lower or the same as the current card, or higher or the same.

How to play HiLo online?

Select the size of your bet.

Assess your starting card and decide if you want to go higher or lower. The game shows you your payout for each bet under each higher or lower option. In this example we’ve drawn an 8, so we’re smack in the middle of the deck. Great…

If that was a King, of course the payout on a “higher or same” bet would be way higher (as the odds are so much lower), and vice versa. If it was a 3, the opposite would be true.

Once you’ve selected which way to go, the three cards become active and you choose yourself which one to flip.

After a win, the bet bar tracks your winnings, letting you know how much you can cash out for.

Minimum bet: EUR0.10; Maximum bet: EUR250.


The roll of the dice will result in a number between 0 and 99.99. Simply select whether you think it will be higher or lower than the numbers shown in the game. It’s that simple.

How to play Dice online?

Select the size of your bet.

You can adjust the multiplier of your win by sliding the arrow bar left or right. This will adjust the numbers in the “Roll Under” and “Roll Over” buttons.

The box on the right shows your winning bet multiplier, the size of your potential win and your percentage win chance.

In the example below, the next winning bet would be a number less than 36.61, or a number over 63.38 – at a 2.65x multiplier, for a potential win of EUR26.49, with a 36.61% win chance. Any number in between those two numbers would be a losing bet.

To take it to the extreme, you could drag the arrow all the way to the far right, leaving you with a maximum payout multiplier of 975x – but you have only a 0.10% win chance and would have to bet on rolling under 0.1, or over 99.89. Similarly, if you were to drag it all the way to the left, you would have a minimum payout of 1.1x, but an 88.18% win chance.

Minimum bet: EUR0.10; Maximum bet: EUR250.

Mini Roulette

This reimagined, stripped-down version of the game lets you place the usual bets, just on a smaller table.

How to play Mini Roulette online?

Choose your bet size by selecting a chip value at the bottom of the screen.

Place your bets as you would in a regular game of roulette by clicking on the table.

Click the reload arrow to spin the wheel.

Minimum bet: EUR0.10; Maximum bet: EUR250. You can check the Paytable to see the coefficients on each type of bet and your various betting options on this mini version of the game.

So what are you waiting for?

Come check out these provably fair crypto gaming classics and join the fun!

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