Shiba-Inu Coin – often abbreviated as SHIB – has grown to become one of the more successful cryptocurrencies around – not as big as names like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but certainly a crypto with a large following.You’ll be able to use Shiba-Inu Coin to deposit here at Cloudbet, alongside the many other cryptos we also accept. 

On this page, we’re going to be answering perhaps the most asked question about SHIB in Canada – how can I buy Shiba-Inu Coin in Canada?What’s more, we’ll also be letting you know how to deposit at Cloudbet using this increasingly popular cryptocurrency. So, if you’re thinking about making your next deposit using SHIB, this is the perfect page for you!

How Can I Buy Shiba-Inu Coin in Canada?

Let’s start with the most important topic first: how can I buy Shiba-Inu Coin in Canada? The process is an exceptionally simple one, and we’ve broken it down into quick stages below. 

1.     Find a Crypto Exchange

There are loads of crypto exchanges, most of which offer a simple and reliable way to purchase Shiba-Inu Coin in Canada. One of the most popular is Coinbase, which we’ll use throughout this example.

2.     Create an Account

Once you’ve downloaded the Coinbase app, you’ll needto create an account. To do so, you’ll need to provide valid ID, plus proof of address might also be required. It should only take a few minutes for verification, after which your account is ready.

3.     Connect a Payment Method

You’ll now need to click the payment method button, before following the on-screen prompts to connect a payment method. Don’t worry about sharing financial details – Coinbase is a hugely popular and well-respected crypto exchange. 

4.     Initiate a Trade

Click the button with arrows pointing both ways andthen choose to buy cryptocurrency. You will then need to select SHIBA INU from the many options. Once selected, a purchase screen will appear.

5.     Choose How Much to Buy 

Now you need to choose how much Shiba-Inu Coin to buy.Just enter the amount in CAD and the app will then purchase that exact amount of Shiba Inu Coin. It’s possible to spend anything from a few dollars to millions.

6.     Confirm the Transaction

You then need to click on “Preview buy” to double-check your purchase. If you’re happy, confirm the purchase. The Shiba-Inu Coin will then be added to your account, ready to spend when desired.You should now know the answer to the question how can I buy Shiba-Inu Coin inCanada? 

It should be noted that you might choose to use a more robust crypto-wallet than Cloudbet, especially if you’ve purchased a large sum of Shiba-Inu Coin. You’ll be able to purchase some fantastic hardware wallets online, with some of the best being the Trezor Model T, Ledger Nano X, and Trezor One.

Spending Shiba-Inu Coin at Cloudbet

Now you have a stash of Shiba-Inu Coin, you’ll probably want to spend it on a deposit here at Cloudbet. If so, the process is easy. To start, sign into your Cloudbet account, before then making your way to the cashier and selecting the SHIBA option 

Next, you’ll need to copy the Cloudbet SHIBA deposit address – make sure you do this correctly, to ensure your crypto gets sent to the right place. You then simply access your wallet and send the money over to the Cloudbet address.

Once you’ve completed the transaction, it shouldn’t take much longer than a few minutes for the transaction to be confirmed. You can then head over to the Cloudbet online sportsbook or casino and start spending your crypto!


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