When people think of online casinos, the first thing that will usually come to mind is the slot games these casinos offer. There’s an obvious reason for this: look at any online casino you can think of, and by far the biggest category of games on the site will be its collection of slots. While there will be multiple table games available to play, often with different types of poker, roulette and others, usually the slate of casino slot games will be more numerous than all of the other games put together. The story is the same at Cloudbet, where we know that slot games are hugely popular.

While we take variety extremely seriously and wouldn’t focus on any one type of game to the exclusion of others, we do recognise that most of our customers come for the slots first and foremost, and we therefore make sure that any slot gamer will be happy with the selection on offer. More than happy, actually: we ensure that they will be overjoyed with the heavenly quality and quantity they find among Cloudbet’s slate of slot games. The total number changes from time to time as games are added and removed, but at any given time you will find more than 1000 video slots at Cloudbet.

A wide range of providers

There are a lot of developers out there with a talent for creating the best in slot games, and in our quest to ensure that you have the best possible experience with our slots, we work with a range of the best. You’ll find plenty of our games are developed by standout names in the industry, Among those big names are NetEnt and Red Tiger, who develop games for a number of online casinos, both crypto and fiat currency sites alike. If you’re a frequent slots player, you’ll almost certainly have played games developed by these big names.

With that said, we also like to ensure that we don’t just have the most popular games, but also the best ones out there - so we don’t limit ourselves to the same gaming providers the way some other casinos do. We feature as many new games as possible, and some of them come from less well-known independent providers. We recognise the importance of offering the best games, regardless of where they come from.

Games where you can actually win

There are many online slots which are heavily featured by casino sites, including some which those sites insist you use with any bonus money you’re given. Although these are often the most prominently-featured games on casino sites, they’re not necessarily the most popular or the most enjoyable. Often the reason for this is that they are games with a relatively low Return to Player percentage (RTP%). It’s entirely up to a casino which games they make available for play with bonus cash, of course. But at Cloudbet, we want to be transparent - so we make sure you can always see the RTP% of any slot we carry.

Look below the thumbnail graphic for the game, and right there you will see your chance of winning. The higher that number, the better the chance you have of winning something from the game.

Jackpot slots in huge numbers

Some of the most popular slot games online are the ones known as Jackpot slots. In these games, the more people play them, the higher the potential winnings become. If you hit the jackpot, you can end up with all the money in there rather than just a multiple of what you have bet. You’ll find numerous Jackpot slots at Cloudbet, with some of the highest payouts online. Let’s be honest, slots are fun - but they’re even more fun when you win!

If you’re a slots fan, then sign up to Cloudbet: you’ll be overjoyed with what’s on offer from this site.


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