Fiat Money Review Contest Winners

We know it would be hard enough to pick five entries for our light-hearted review contest, so from the start we came up with a way of giving anyone at least one chance to win in a fair and square way: a raffle.

A raffle you can trust

But not your average raffle, where you have to trust that the revealed number was actually the one drawn. No, not in this day and age. So our raffle’s host, our number-picker, is one that anyone can trust, as she does it randomly, in the open, and is absolutely impervious to any kind of manipulation – because math.

Meet Ms. Blockchain – the ultimate provably fair raffle host.

We set the rules last week, and made all raffle entries public when we announced the five winners yesterday. Here’s the raffle table, just in case you missed it:

Raffle winner

By the rules, the raffle winner would be the one whose entry number (from the sheet we published) matched the last two numeric digits of the hash of the first block mined after 10am UTC, 5th of December, 2018. That is, today. In case there is no match, we’d just wait for the next block, and the next, until one of our numbers corresponded to a raffle ticket.

The first block didn’t match any of the raffle entries:

  • Block#: 552627
  • Timestamp: 10:01:54 UTC
  • Bloch hash: 00000000000000000009b2a3abe6b334015cce51232e60998f6682f92947ddd9
  • Valid digits: 79 – NO MATCH

But it didn’t take long. The following block, mined 34 minutes later, gave us our winner, and you can check it directly on the blockchain:

  • Block#: 552628
  • Timestamp: 10:35:37 UTC
  • Bloch hash: 0000000000000000000b67cd1ed727e7ca6a7f11da7cb264bd878956823e212d
  • Valid digits: 12 – WE HAVE A WINNER!

And our winner, the 12th entrant, posting on Twitter at 4:43 AM on 27th of November, 2018, is @ran17ron – who coincidentally was one of our special mentions, as we announced earlier – so thumbs up twice! So he’ll take .029 BTC AND a commemorative physical bitcoin.

Here’s his entry:

Special Mentions

And now, for all the great entries, we’ve put together ten special mentions. Each one of these creative reviewers will get their very own commemorative physical bitcoin, so if you’re one of them, keep your eyes open for a direct message from us.

Before we go, we’d just like to say a bit thank you to each and every one of you. Such a vibrant and creative community is exactly what crypto needs to keep on growing and thriving.

Thank you for helping shape a fairer, more efficient crypto world. Thank you. You guys (and girls) are gold.

Keep on HODLing, and to the moon!










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