Last updated 28th October 2021

We've brought together the stories of our biggest casino winners of all time, including:

  • Massive multiplier in Money Train 2 delivers winnings of EUR68,830 on an original stake of just 10 Euros worth of USDT.
  • A regular Cloudbet sports bettor who turned a stake of EUR3,500 into EUR277,500 playing Extreme Texas Hold'em
  • A Crazy Time taking down 400 ETH on a 0.32 ETH stake - on a single spin
  • Sweeping the Board with 19 BTC Monopoly Live Win
  • 2.5 BTC from 100 free spins
  • 161 BTC single spin Multifruit win
  • Troll Hunt That Led to 260 BTC Win
  • Big Luck striking at the Lightning Roulette table
  • Life-changing live roulette win

Biggest bitcoin casino winners

A big casino win can forever change a life. A single spin on a slot or at the roulette table, or that one card being drawn at just the right time can lead to a new house, quality time with the family, or even an early retirement. Or, if you're so inclined, that Lambo you always wanted (supermodel not included).

That also holds true when it comes to bitcoin casinos - perhaps even more so, as bitcoin’s price fluctuations can see the amount you win grow even more over time (reading the btc/fiat conversion numbers at the time of these wins can be entertainingly illustrative!). Cloudbet’s bitcoin casino has seen some of the biggest winners of all time - as if you needed even more reason to choose Cloudbet.

And due to Cloudbet having some of the highest limits among bitcoin casinos, our doors are open to all types of players, from the small-time occasional player to high-rolling big-staking whales. In fact, in many of our slots, you can start with as little as 0.00005 BTC per spin - and you can even try them out for free, to find your favourites before you start to play with real funds.

And as some of these stories from over the years show, you don’t always need to stake high to earn high - even a small amount can lead to vast riches.

Money Train 2 pulls in to Winnersville

One lucky casino player hit a 6883x multiplier on Money Train 2 and managed to turn a EUR10 stake - placed in USDT - into an amazing EUR68,830 win. Probably not a life-changing win, but surely enough to treat yourself to something nice.

And for your viewing pleasure, we've captured the moment on film...

Player draws a Royal Flush playing Extreme Texas Hold'em

If ever there was a tale that might convince Cloudbet sportsbook bettors that the occasional exploratory flutter in the casino may be worth your while, this is it.

One of our players, who generally focuses all their action on sports, decided to take some time to play at Evolution Gaming's Extreme Texas Hold'em tables, a popular classic table game in our Live Casino.

Recently, they had an amazing win. Having been dealt two suited cards, the flop treated them well, but it wasn't till the river that the Royal Flush was drawn - taking down the hand and the big win.  

What this meant was that he managed to turn his original stake of EUR 3,500 into a net total winnings for the round of EUR 277,500.

Might be time to try your luck. Win big on the River?

A Crazy Time taking down 400 ETH on a 0.32 ETH stake - on a single spin

The most recent winner to join our list took down an impressive 400 ETH - at today's price, that's just shy of $140,000 - on a stake of just 0.32 ETH ($112) playing Evolution Gaming's Crazy Time.

Crazy Time offers some crazy multipliers - all the way up to 25,000x if your luck carries you that far.

It's a hyperactive, hyper fun, studio game, with high-energy live presenters that entertain along the way. Crazy Time is set in a large, colourful, entertaining studio that includes the main money wheel, a Top Slot above it, and four exciting bonus games – Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip and Crazy Time - around which the all-action gameplay revolves

The Cash Hunt bonus game is a shooting gallery with 108 random multipliers, covered by random symbols and shuffled before the player takes aim and shoots. When the countdown clock runs down, the multiplier is revealed. Each player selects their own target in this interactive bonus round, meaning players will win different multipliers.

The Coin Flip is just that - determining which multiplier will be won. Two multipliers are randomly generated and each assigned to a side of the coin.

The Pachinko bonus game features a large Pachinko wall, from the top of which the presenter drops a puck - wherever it lands at the bottom determines the multiplier. If the puck lands on a DOUBLE value, all multipliers at the bottom of the wall are doubled and the puck is dropped again - and again, and again, and again, if need be - until a multiplier is chosen, up to a maximum 10,000x.

Things get really crazy in the final Crazy Time bonus game - with a maximum multiplier of 20,000x. This revolves around a giant money wheel, and players select a coloured flapper - blue, green or yellow - before it's spun. When the wheel stops, the player wins the relevant multiplier that their flapper points to. A bit like the pachinko wall, a flapper may point to a DOUBLE or TRIPLE value, in which case multipliers are doubled or tripled ahead of the next spin. Only players that chose this flapper partake in this round. The wheel can be re-spun until a maximum 20,000x multiplier is reached.

Crazy Time - one of our most popular Gameshows

Player Sweeps the Board with 19 BTC Monopoly Live Win

Anyone who has ever played Monopoly knows that Mayfair and Park Lane are often the keys to success. This seems to hold true for the hugely popular casino version too - Monopoly Live. Just ask the lucky player who this week turned 13 mBTC into a whopping 18.93 BTC - $137,000 in old money.

Monopoly Live

As the name suggests, Monopoly Live is a real-time live interactive casino experience from Evolution Gaming. A host spins a wheel with the numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10 (paying out at face value) along with special segments ‘Chance’, ‘2 Rolls’ and ‘4 Rolls’.

‘4 Rolls’ triggers a special bonus round featuring 3D augmented reality where Mr. Monopoly himself makes a special appearance hopping around the board guided by the dice. And it seems our player wagered on ‘4 Rolls’ and had the famous character on a piece of string as he danced around the virtual board, accumulating an astonishing 1,460x Multiplier on his 13 mBTC bet (equivalent to about $94) bagging 18.83 BTC. Now that is what you call sweeping the board!

If you want to pass go and collect your own bitcoin fortune playing Monopoly Live, make your first deposit and see if you can guide Mr. Monopoly to a massive payout.

2.5 BTC from 100 free spins

2019 continues to deliver big winners in the Cloudbet casino, with Leohand from Taiwan managing to convert 100 free spins into serious money this month.

After qualifying for the full 100 free spins bonus on Turnover Tuesday, our latest winner headed over to the mythical land of Ancient Greece to chance his luck on our popular bitcoin slot, Rise of Olympus. A gift of 0.1155 BTC (€620) from the Greek gods set Leohand on his way, steadying his confidence as he came face to face with the ultimate test - the Dragon Maiden.

Presented with fortune rather than flame, Leohand had nothing to fear. 0.733 BTC and 0.842 BTC single spin wins filled his pockets, as did the ultimate success: a 47x multiplier turning 0.03 BTC into a mega 1.416 BTC.

Will you find flames or fortune?

Having walked away from our casino with a mega 2.5 BTC, almost €16,000 at today’s prices, Leohand’s win certainly proves how profitable our promotions can be.

161 BTC single-spin Multifruit 81 win

Cloudbet’s first big bitcoin casino winner in 2019 is out, as a player from Finland nailed quite a juicy victory on one of our bitcoin slots. This lucky player has given the ultimate squeeze to our Multifruit 81 slot, with one particularly fortunate spin netting her an incredible 161 BTC - more than €740,000 at current prices.

The amount would be more than enough for most people to call it a day, but not for this player. Surfing on the incredibly lucky wave for the next two days, this boldness definitely bore fruit, as this happy casino patron walked away with a massive 45 BTC (nearly €210,000 at today’s rates).

That’s what we call one fruitful session

Multifruit 81 is a no-nonsense slot with a retro look and simple rules. Its straightforward approach is especially appealing to people who value action over complexity. And as this story shows, simplicity can translate into big rewards.

Troll Hunt led to 260 BTC win

Trolling took on a whole different meaning for one lucky bitcoin slots player here at Cloudbet. And even though you could say she was hunting for Trolls while online, it’s not the same kind you find on Reddit and Twitter.

Hunting Trolls made profitable

While betting on our Nordic legend-based slot game Troll Hunters in March 2017, the player placed a wager of a mere 0.16 BTC, and as luck had it, in a single spin, got back a life-changing 160 BTC from her boldness. That feat alone represents 1000% over her initial bet.

Most people would have been more than happy to call it a day and cash out, but not this player. She didn’t stop there, and this confidence was handsomely rewarded. In a short period of time, she went on to scoop 56 BTC more adding up to a grand total of 216 BTC in a single play session, bringing the overall profits to 1340%.

At bitcoin’s all-time high, this jackpot was worth about $4.1 million. That’s more than enough for a couple of lambo, and then some. Considering the starting wager was worth about $200 at the time it was placed, that’s not bad at all.

Go practice your Troll hunting skills for free on Cloudbet Casino, or try any other of the hundreds of slot games we offer.

Big Luck struck at the Lightning Roulette table

Not many people would actually think that being struck by lightning could be a good thing. However, that can’t be said about one particularly fortunate Cloudbet player, who in November 2018 found out that being struck by lightning can be a uniquely rewarding experience.

Lightning Roulette: electrifying

That is, if the strike happens to take place in Cloudbet’s Lightning Roulette table, just in case you were thinking of flying a kite during a storm (don’t do that).

Lightning never strikes the same place twice, or so the saying goes. But that is definitely not the case in Cloudbet’s Lightning Roulette. In every round, one number is randomly struck by lightning, and that number’s payouts receive a multiplier that range from 50x to 500x.

This electrifying event has led to the player getting an incredible 49.22 BTC from a single spin of the roulette, as that particular bolt was loaded with the biggest possible multiplier, which increased her humble wager 500x to nearly 50 BTC.

Again, luck favours the brave, and whereas most people would have simply called it quits and enjoyed the rest of the decade off, her perseverance paid off big time.

In a session that lasted little more than one hour in total, and even without further such electrical aids, the player nearly doubled that amount, walking away with 87 BTC and, we presume, feeling quite energised with over the equivalent to over $550,000 in profits in the time’s exchange rate.

If you’re ready to get struck by one of these bolts of luck, there’s no need to go storm-hunting; just head to Cloudbet’s Live Casino, where you’ll find Lightning Roulette and tonnes more high-voltage casino games.

Life-changing Live Roulette

Although it certainly helps, you don’t need to rely on a single stroke of luck in order to become a big winner. Even though luck is the single biggest component in a casino, devising and following a gaming strategy can help increase your chances of winning.

Live Roulette, live dealers

Even without the added benefits of multipliers or jackpots, one player went on to get nearly 53 BTC on a life-changing winning streak on Cloudbet’s Live Roulette. This player in particular took advantage of Cloudbet’s high betting limits to amass what was then worth around $340,000.

To keep such a streak going, though, is no mean feat. Besides an incredible amount of luck, it requires a particular mindset, a strong resolve, and preferably an intimate knowledge of the game. Of course, a strategy that hedges against losses and knowing when to stop are also much welcome.

You can learn more about betting strategies and a myriad casino games on the Cloudbet Blog.

There’s nothing quite like it: blood pumping fast, the feeling of exhilaration and a rush unlike any other as every piece of the puzzle falls perfectly into place, and the slow realisation that from then on, your life will never be the same.

All these players are probably amongst the biggest-ever bitcoin casino winners, and Cloudbet takes pride in giving everyone a shot at becoming the next. Like them, you can find yourself taking home a life-changing prize, and one step closer to your dreams.

Plus, we don’t even need to mention that our games are just fun to play, so join now and enjoy the thrills of Cloudbet’s bitcoin casino.

Jun 25, 2021

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