Bet Small. Dream Big. Micro-stake Bitcoin Betting

Low stakes bitcoin betting have just been redefined by Cloudbet.

From today, with only 10 Satoshi, you can place a bet on our sportsbook. That doesn’t sound like much, but with the right odds – say, 100 to 1 or more – such small value can potentially turn your proceeds into a considerable sum.

Small risk, big fun

Perhaps you would like to just test the waters and your analytical skills before making bigger bets; you prefer to take smaller risks; or maybe you just can’t risk that much. Maybe there is some leftover BTC in your account that are bigger than the network fees. Or perhaps you only want to get as many betting thrills as you can.

Whatever the reason, you can win life-changing prizes with the smallest of bitcoin stakes.

And while in richer countries winnings measured in Satoshi wouldn’t be enough incentive for people to bend down and pick it up from the street, in less affluent places this can be quite a meaningful amount. So if you are in possession of cryptocurrencies in the African continent, or in the Indian subcontinent, you can take advantage of this to place bets that fit your pocket.

We cater for everyone, from all walks of life – Cloudbet is definitely for the faint of heart, too. All the excitement of betting, but with only tiny risk.

How much is 10 Satoshi?

What can you do with a cup of coffee – that is, apart from drinking it, what can you do for the price of your regular coffee?

Well, for your typical €3 coffee you can place up to a whooping 9,000 bets at Cloudbet – that’s how many minimum bets you can get. Now that’s what we call maximising your chances.

Moreover, there is no better way to spend those small payouts you get from free bitcoin faucets, websites or apps.

Also, as firm believers in the future of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, we believe that these humble 10 Satoshi that you bet – and potentially win – today may well turn out to be worth much, much more in the future. It happened repeatedly throughout bitcoin’s history. Bitcoin will continue to transform the world – that is our bet.

What can I bet on?

With only fractions of a cent at stake, suddenly those longer bets – with small odds and enormous payouts – start looking much more attractive.

That is especially true when it comes to underdogs and accumulator bets in sports. Luckily, that is exactly where our 10 Satoshi minimum bet applies.

Dream BIG

One of the most spectacular cases to ever take place on the Cloudbet sportsbook happened in 2017, when a lucky basketball fan placed a 0.005 bet on the NBA at 2387.4 odds.This daring decision ended up leading to a major win, netting the brave player nearly 12 BTC winnings from their bet. That is over €40,000 for around 16 Euros – not bad, right?

Accumulator bets can be quite the use case. Another noteworthy case involved a sportsbook player placing a humble 0.05 BTC stake in a portfolio comprising seven results combining MMA and basketball. She got the seven correct and took home 2.1455 BTC, a massive gain. And depending on the individual odds, you can combine up to ten sporting events to much higher returns – the sky is the limit.

And apart from the NBA and basketball, there are a lot more sports there with great, juicy odds up for grabs. You can bet on the soccer, at the UEFA Champions League, or on MMA’s top event – the UFC.

Our bitcoin casino also has super small minimums (starting at 0.001 BTC). So after you win some sports bets, you can join some of our biggest bitcoin winners ever at our casino lobby.

So what are you waiting for? Join now, make a deposit, and make your dreams come true.

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