Betting Strategy

Tennis: Eight young players to watch in Melbourne - and beyond

Continuing our theme of finding bettor value, we highlight eight young players - four from the ATP and four from the WTA tours - with tremendous potential. The'll be hoping to make a big impact at the Aussie Open... and no doubt beyond.
Betting Strategy

Tennis: Finding value from the data

Ahead of the first Grand Slam of the year, the Cloudbet Blog revisits its analysis of some of the longer-term ATP player data in an effort to identify who may offer bettors value in the future - and who may have delivered it in the past but might struggle to keep it up.

US Open tennis: A statistical look at the semifinals

Across both the men’s and women’s tournaments, the US Open is now at the semi-final stage. With four players remaining in each side of the tournament, the Cloudbet blog takes a statistical view of the players competing for the trophy.