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Bitcoin Cash blockchain fork favours BCHN

After the hard fork on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain, Cloudbet will support BCH on the BCHN blockchain, under the BCH ticker. Cloudbet may or may not choose to support BCHA in the future, under a new, different symbol.
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What are the most profitable cryptos to mine?

Many people entering the crypto space are motivated by the opportunity to accumulate wealth. Mining is one route to profit, but what are the most profitable cryptos to mine?
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What is a Bitcoin fork?

A fork in cryptocurrencies means the source code changes so that there may be compatibility issues between versions, and a split in the network may occur. But how does that affect Bitcoin?
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Bet With Bitcoin Cash: Making A Deposit at Cloudbet

Learn how to make a Bitcoin Cash deposit into your Cloudbet account in this guide. You can use the new Bitcoin Cash address format or legacy, we explain how to do it.
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What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin is disrupting industries like gambling, but is hasn't been a quiet revolution. Debates around the key issue of scalability led to bitcoin splintering into bitcoin cash. So what is bitcoin cash, why was it created and what can it offer gamblers?
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Bitcoin Cash Fork: Civil War

After splitting from the main Bitcoin chain in August 2017, Bitcoin Cash is now on the verge of a contentious fork itself. Cloudbet explains what happens now, and what does it mean.