Joe Rogan has caused a firestorm since he joined GETTR.

Interest in the free-speech social media alternative to Twitter has soared this past week. Sign ups for the platform and app downloads are at an all-time high. 

Almost a million new users have joined since Rogan opened his account on Sunday (Jan. 2), the biggest spike since GETTR was formed in July 2021. The celebrity podcaster’s account alone has almost 9 million followers.

GETTR has captured the world’s attention for now. Debates have erupted all around the globe as to which big name will sign up next.

We at Cloudbet, support freedom of speech and are keen to keep the conversation going. We’re offering markets. Our informed and vitally intelligent sports traders have come up with a list of individuals with good reasons to join a “marketplace of ideas” that guarantees free speech. 

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We’re calling it “The Big Tech Exodus” in tribute to what GETTR represents - a protest against Big Social Media and the establishment. Rogan said the reason he joined was “Just in case shit over at Twitter gets even dumber.” 

Let’s dive a bit deeper, shall we?

Who are the betting favorites?

Kyle Rittenhouse (+800): The teenager controversially acquitted last November over shootings in Kenosha, Wisconsin, that left two people dead. After his trial, his defence lawyer ripped into the mainstream media for allegedly false reports and bungling basic facts amid his client’s high-profile trial. Two inactive Rittenhouse accounts exist on GETTR, both unverified. 

Lady MAGA (+800): The polarizing drag queen who supported Trump’s presidential election campaign in 2020 and who presented herself as a champion of LGBTQ rights. Lady MAGA’s presence at Trump rallies and events caused discomfort within the LGBTQ communities as well as within the conservative heartland of America, even as she spoke out for gay rights. One unverified Lady MAGA account exists on GETTR, but its followers are way below the 13,700 she has on Twitter.

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone (+800): The UFC star has courted controversy his entire career with his conservative views. He could follow other MMA fighters who have joined GETTR recently including Tim Kennedy(@timkennedymma) and Colby Covington(@colbycovington). If the Cowboy comes, he might bring a few of his 730,000 Twitter followers with him.

Roseanne Barr (+900): The stand-up comedian and one-time television star infamously had her TV show cancelled in 2018 because of a Twitter joke that was widely construed as a racist slur. She’s stoked controversy, discussed conspiracy theories, and hasn’t been active on Twitter in more than a year. Two inactive, unverified Roseanne Barr accounts exist on GETTR. 

We won’t dive into all 24 members on the list, but there are some clearly recognizable names: Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell, Nigel Farage and Eric Trump make up a political contingent. John Daly and Brett Favre from sports. Stormy Daniels from - err - the entertainment industry. Covid is everywhere, so we also have Tony Fauci, but he’s a rank outsider.

Who are people betting will join GETTR next?

It’s early days but we’re already seeing some interest. Some customers have placed bets on Tesla supremo Elon Musk, who is well known for baiting the establishment from his Twitter account. 

We have him as a long shot at +2100, but his odds have narrowed from +2500 earlier. He clearly enjoys using his Twitter pulpit to good effect, but GETTR would surely be a place where the SpaceX boss would find an eager audience for his visionary commentary and cryptocurrency ramblings.

Some of the bets we’ve taken on Elon have been in Dogecoin. Fitting indeed for the man that many in the Doge community reverently refer to as The Dogefather.

So there you have it. Our list is far from perfect and people will (should!) have opinions. But hey, it’s about keeping the discussion going. Who do you think belongs here? Who doesn’t? Hit us up on GETTR and let us know.

Jan 7, 2022
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