Play Monopoly Live With Bitcoin

Updated 21st November 2021

UPDATE: We’re back with even more exciting news for our Live Casino players. Another two games have just been added to our collection, and they’re potentially our most ingenious games yet.

Play Monopoly Live With Bitcoin

Together with Hasbro, Evolution Gaming have transformed one of the world’s most popular board games into what we’re sure will become one of our most popular casino games. Cloudbet is proud to be featuring this icon of a game and welcome it into our ever growing list of fun filled games. We love it, and we’re sure you will too!

With all the best features of crowd pleaser Dream Catcher, combined with a layer of augmented reality unbeknown to any other games in our collection, you only need to play MONOPOLY Live once to recognise how advanced and exciting this game really is.

Choose which segment you think the super-sized reel will land on, before spinning to win with none other than MR. MONOPOLY himself! Whilst the numerical and ‘Chance’ segments offer smaller wins, it’s the virtual mini-man himself who holds the key to this game’s massive multipliers.

All you have to do is correctly predict the wheel landing on 2 or 4 rolls to be whisked away to a virtual 3D version of the board game, full of properties with varying multipliers. Then watch on as the dice are rolled and MR. MONOPOLY begins his adventure, collecting bonus prizes of up to 2000x your bet each time he stops!

The gameplay is innovative, the payouts can be huge, and unlike when you play the real-life board game, absolutely everyone can be a winner when playing this game in Cloudbet’s Live Casino.

Player Sweeps the Board with 19 BTC Monopoly Live Win

Anyone who has ever played the analogue version of Monopoly knows that Mayfair and Park Lane are often the keys to success. This seems to hold true for the live casino version. Just ask the lucky player who in April 2020 turned 13 mBTC into a whopping 18.93 BTC – $137,000 in old money.

Monopoly Live

‘4 Rolls’ triggers a special bonus round featuring 3D augmented reality where Mr. Monopoly himself makes a special appearance hopping around the board guided by the dice. And it seems our player wagered on ‘4 Rolls’ and had the famous character on a piece of string as he danced around the virtual board, accumulating an astonishing 1,460x Multiplier on his 13 mBTC bet (equivalent to about $94) bagging 18.83 BTC. Now that is what you call sweeping the board!

If you want to pass go and collect your own bitcoin fortune playing Monopoly Live join Cloudbet today, make your first deposit and see if you can guide Mr. Monopoly to a massive payout.

Deal or No Deal

This game sees the concept from one of Britain’s most loved game shows reinvented into a Live Casino format for fans all around the world to experience and enjoy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But before the decision making can begin, and in a novel twist from Evolution Gaming, you’ve got to qualify to play first.

Spin to align the 3 golden reels of the bank vault before progressing to the top-up round, where your spins will result in random multipliers of between 5x and 50x being added to the prize money held inside 1 or more of the famous briefcases.

Complete the preliminaries, and the thrills can then begin. A live dealer presents you with the briefcases, numbered 1 – 16, and it’s up to you to guess whether the total amount of money held within them is more or less than what the Banker has to offer you.

Like the TV show, this is a game where your resolve is tested and the stakes are high. You’re faced with endless possibilities, and you’ve only got a few seconds to make what could turn out to be a life-changing decision. Can you resist the temptation of the Banker’s clearcut cash, or do you risk everything by sticking with the mystery prizes held in the remaining briefcases?

We are witnessing the start of a new era for live gaming, and it’s all thanks to Evolution Gaming and their forward-thinking developers. Their latest games bring together modern concepts with cutting-edge technology, so that you can take your gaming experience to the next level.

This article contains just a taster of what you can expect from our favourite 5 games, so take a read before heading over to the Cloudbet Live Casino and trying them out for yourself. We know you won’t be disappointed.

Super Sic Bo

Super Sic Bo may have one of the most straight-forward formats, but with multipliers of up to 1000x your bet on the table, simplicity definitely pays in this Live Casino game.

In the centre of the table there are 3 dice; all you have to do is predict the outcome of their roll. You can bet on as many or as few combinations as you want, but there will be only one result per round. If your prediction matches that result, you win. It’s as easy as that.

But, in an effort to keep every live round fresh and exciting, Evolution Gaming have introduced random multipliers to be added to each outcome before the dice are rolled. This means that any successful bet you place can be hit with multipliers that have the power to transform your winnings on a truly super scale.

Lightning Dice

If you like Super Sic Bo, Lightning Dice is the game to play next. Whilst the format of both are relatively similar, there’s one crucial difference – and that difference stands tall in the middle of the Live Casino room.

Meet the Lightning Tower, the prop that has the power to make your dreams come true. Simply predict the total of the dice before they are released by the Live Dealer, and then watch on as they freefall through the golden structure.

Every bump and knock along the way has the power to alter the outcome of your bet, but whether that works in your favour is left to fate. It’s this unpredictability that makes the game so exciting, but don’t worry – with risks come (1000x multiplier) rewards in Lightning Dice.

Side Bet City

Hailed by Evolution Gaming as ‘the easiest possible introduction to poker for new players’, this is a city where everyone is welcome, no matter their betting experience. The neon lights shine bright above the classic Vegas poker table, where your presence is eagerly awaited.

To be in with a chance of coming away with a win, you’ve only got to make one decision – what will be the winning hand? Choose between a 3-Card Hand, 5-Card Hand, 7-Card Hand or All Lose, and watch on as the dealer reveals the cards that will determine your fortune.

It may seem simple, but the fast-paced nature of this game certainly keeps it thrilling. Get yourself down to Side Bet City today and see for yourself!

2 Hand Casino Hold’Em

In this version of the classic Casino Hold’Em game, you’ve got twice as many chances to win, making it – in our opinion – twice as good as the original.

After all, you get the chance to bet on not one but two hands during every live round, meaning you can double your chances of winning when that potentially life-changing set of cards is dealt.

And don’t forget about the bonus bet, which pays out regardless of whether your main hand wins or loses, and gives you yet another opportunity to win at the generous 2 Hand Casino Hold’Em table.

Free Bet Blackjack

Yes, that’s right, free. Evolution Gaming’s latest adaptation of traditional Blackjack truly is the gift that keeps on giving. And it’s pretty swish too.

For starters, you’re guaranteed a seat at this live casino table, as the same single hand is dealt to all players at the beginning of each round. If you then go on to discover your 2 cards reveal a total of 9, 10 or 11, you’re automatically awarded a free double down bet, but that’s not your only chance to get something for nothing in this game!

A free split bet is also given to all hands containing pairs except 10s, so you get the chance to double your opportunity to win. And if that’s not enough, there’s four side bets and the six card Charlie rule to make use of too.

Just head over to our Live Casino to find these brand new games, and start your Evolution Gaming experience today.

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