How To Play Andar Bahar With Bitcoin

It’s a simple yet enthralling game that has entertained the entire Indian nation for years, but now – thanks to Ezugi Gaming – Andar Bahar is going global.

India’s best kept secret shared

In a move designed to showcase the best of India’s favourite card game to the rest of the world, the cutting edge casino providers have created the ultimate Andar Bahar Live Casino experience.

All you have to do is guess whether the value of the card in the middle will be matched by a card on the left, Andar, or a card on the right, Bahar. Do so correctly and you could win up to 120x your original bet! Simply go to Cloudbet’s live casino to be taken straight to the game, or read on for our preview of what we’re sure will become one of the most popular casino games in our collection.

How to play Andar Bahar

Take a seat within seconds at the Andar Bahar table and watch on as your dealer prepares to shuffle that potentially life-changing deck of cards. Once the game begins, the cards will be cut in half, leaving two for your dealer to choose between. Whatever card they pick will act as the game’s Joker for that round.

As soon as that card is positioned (face-up) in the middle of the table, the clock will start ticking and your bets should be placed. Whether you go for Andar or Bahar is up to you, but be sure to make use of the in-game insight provided at the bottom of your screen to help.

And don’t forget about this game’s side bet, which lets you can guess how many cards it will take for the value of the Joker to be matched. The added anticipation only adds to the excitement of this game, with an extra bet on one of the 8 options available giving you yet another chance to join our biggest ever bitcoin casino winners.

Once your decisions have been made and your bets have been placed, the dealer can begin. One card is dealt on Andar, then on Bahar, and so on until the card turned over matches the game’s Joker – irrespective of the suit. The moment the two match, the game ends and the winning bets are paid out.

Andar Bahar payouts

Main Bet






How many cards will it take for the Joker to be matched?


1 – 5


6 – 10


11 – 15


16 – 25


26 – 30


31 – 35


36 – 40


41 or more


As you can see, this multiplayer game couldn’t be easier to understand, making it perfect for new or experienced players to enjoy. Your fate may be determined by a pack of un-dealt cards, but after reading this article we’re sure you’ll be well on your way to becoming an ace at Andar Bahar.

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