How To Convert Free Spins Into Real Money

Our casino has witnessed some truly incredible moments over the years, and 2019 is no different. One lucky player has joined our list of winners this month after managing to turn 100 free spins into a whopping 2.5 BTC (€11,546).

But before we get into how Leohand from Taiwan was able to use one of our weekly casino bonus offers as a way to convert free spins into real money, let’s take a closer look at how free spins work.

What are free spins?

Free spins are given out on slots games, with each one allowing you to have a spin of a reel without putting down a stake.

We know how much our casino players relish the thrill that comes with playing slots games, which is why we enjoy giving you the chance to win some of those sought after free spins every single week. From weekend tournaments to daily promotions, there are plenty of ways for you to find your fortune at Cloudbet.

And that’s exactly how Leohand found his, as it all started with one of our most loved promotions – Turnover Tuesday.

Our big winner’s story

After qualifying for the full 100 free spins bonus on Turnover Tuesday, our Taiwnese winner was set on the road to riches.

His first destination was ancient Greece, where he left his fate to the mighty gods in our mythological slots game, Rise of Olympus. 100 free spins later and Leohand was in luck; he had been granted a gift of 0.1155 BTC – a reasonable €620 at today’s prices.

But that was just the beginning for our player, who stayed in Ancient Greece for a while, before moving on to darker, more mysterious lands. A Dragon Maiden was waiting, and Leohand was ready.

0.733 BTC and 0.842 BTC single spin wins preceded the ultimate success: a 0.03 BTC spin resulting in a treasured 1.416 BTC win for our fearsome player.

After adding the 47x multiplier to his overall balance and trying his hand at some different slots games, Leohand eventually walked away with 2.5 BTC – a balance amounting to a massive €11,546.

And to think, it all started with just 100 free spins.

What are the best bitcoin slots?

Following in Leohand’s footsteps may be easier than you think – as the weekly opportunity to win free spins over at the Cloudbet casino means that there’s every chance that you, reading this right now, could be our next big casino winner.

So what are you waiting for? Dragon Maiden has proved itself to be an enchanting, high-paying slots game, as have many others in our bitcoin casino, including the mighty Troll Hunters – so be sure to check out the game for yourself.

And with more games constantly being launched, such as our latest release – Mahjong 88 – which allows you to win up to 5000x your bet, there are always going to be new and exciting ways to win at Cloudbet. All that’s left is for you to find yours today.

*Prices reflect those at the date of the publication.

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