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Launched in June of 2024, Cloudbet Rewards fundamentally changes the way the world of casino and sports bettors think about rewards.

Heavily restricted bonus funds are a thing of the past.

Designed by bettors, for bettors, Cloudbet Rewards emphasizes simplicity and clarity over complexity and abstraction. Players earn and claim rewards as cold, hard, unrestricted (crypto) cash.

No more loyalty points, no more rollover requirements, no more confusion. 

Just place your bets, earn your rewards, and claim your cash. (Oh, and there’s also an extra boost with a little something we call: TURBO!)

Take advantage of Cloudbet Rewards:

  1. Bet and earn rakeback

Each bet you place earns you a percentage of the house edge, which we call “rakeback.” It’s like getting pure cashback for your sports betting and casino play.

  1. Add and claim rakeback

As your rakeback accumulates, clicking “Add” sends a big chunk directly to your wallet, and a portion to your Rewards Calendar. Both are cash. One is yours right away, the other is yours to claim when the time is right.

  1. Daily Reward Claims

Your Rewards Calendar unlocks three times daily, allowing you to claim your rewards within a 12-hour window. With Cloudbet Rewards, there is literally cash on your calendar.

  1. Additional Rewards Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

On top of rakeback, Cloudbet Rewards gives players extra rewards based on your play on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. These surprise extras are calculated based on lossback, rakeback, and VIP tier status, adding even more cash to your calendar.

  1. TURBO

Claiming rewards activates a feature we call TURBO, temporarily increasing your rakeback percentage in casino to potentially huge levels. TURBO nearly erases the house edge in some cases, and means significant returns on your play for a limited time.

  1. Enhanced VIP Tiers: Bigger Rewards and Exclusive Benefits

As you move up through the VIP tiers, it’s one reward after another:

  • Level Up Rewards: Earn cash rewards for crossing turnover milestones.
  • Top-Tier Rewards: At the highest levels, potential Level Up Rewards can reach up to $2.5 million, along with exceptional rakeback.
  • Exclusive experiences: Top VIPs gain access to bespoke experiences and real-world rewards.
  • Dedicated VIP Support: Available 24/7 to assist with your needs.

Cloudbet Rewards are your rewards

Just log in, place some bets, and watch the rewards roll in.

Good luck!

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