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US Election 2024 odds: Trump rivals benefit from indictment

More bettors are backing Donald Trump’s rivals to represent the Republican Party in the 2024 presidential elections after The Donald's recent indictment.
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Who joins GETTR next?

Joe Rogan has caused a firestorm since he joined GETTR.
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Election 2020: It's finally official

After an unforgettable election - for so, so, many reasons - Congress has certified Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States and Kamala Harris as his vice president. Ever ones to look ahead, Cloudbet has already launched winners markets for the 2024 election.
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Election 2020: The final stretch

We're almost there... But as the year 2020 has proven, little in this world seems assured anymore these days. While November 3 usually sees an election called, a concession given, and an amicable departure from the bad blood of campaign politics, this year it may not mark the finish line. Still, you may want to get your bets in while you can.
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Election 2020: A look at the odds - a bookie’s nightmare

What exactly goes into forming the odds on a political event such as the US presidential election? The honest answer - it's not an exact science, it's hard to pinpoint, and the variables are many...
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Election 2020: Nashville’s Last Chance Saloon

The last of the debates is upon us. Cloudbet's Electoral College map has seen some movement, and in key swing states the race looks awfully tight. Betting positions taken in opposition to the odds have continued, perhaps leading credence to the idea that the pollsters still aren't to be trusted.
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Election 2020: A closer look at the states

Cloudbet's Electoral College map suggests that the gap between Biden and Trump is widening. But in key swing states the polls suggest the race is tighter than the betting markets imply. There's also some evidence that betting positions might be at odds with the odds... is that enough to portent a possible surprise?
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Election 2020: October surprise indeed

The president’s health has thrown this election another curveball. Ahead of the vice presidential debate, Cloudbet's Electoral College map shows the swing states of Florida and North Carolina turning Blue - but by the narrowest of margins.