New at Cloudbet
Introducing Cloudbet’s Sleek New Online Casino
October 13, 2023

Cloudbeta Casino Beta is now live. Players are welcome to try out Cloudbet’s new casino, now with a modern look and feel, faster performance, and intuitive new features.

Crypto 101
How Cloudbet Keeps Your Funds Safe
September 5, 2023

Learn what security measures Cloudbet uses to keep player funds safe. Learn about cold wallets, hot wallets, MPC and multi-signature approvals.

New at Cloudbet
Cloudbet Referral Program FAQ
April 13, 2023

When friends join Cloudbet through your link, you both earn Lightning Points on their bets. Spread the word and start earning together!

New at Cloudbet
Cloudbet Loyalty Program
November 25, 2022

Place bets. Earn Lightning Points. Choose your own individual rewards. It’s that simple.

New at Cloudbet
Cash Out Now Available On Cloudbet
June 27, 2022

Cash Out is a Cloudbet product which allows you to lock in profits or limit losses before your original bet has settled.