Crypto 101

Two Altcoins Grabbing Attention: Cardano and Solana

As Cardano and Solana gain exposure to a much larger audience, we take a closer look at the two altcoins making a splash and how likely they are to triumph in the long run.
In The Cloud

A look at Central Bank Digital Currencies

Talk of CBDCs is not new, but as progress is being made - with different countries at various stages of development - it's becoming more of a mainstream talking point. The Cloudbet Blog takes an introductory look at the concept of CBDCs, how they might function and what that might mean for our financial future.
Crypto 101

DAI - What it is and how it works

Continuing its quest to bring players the best experience possible, Cloudbet adds DAI to its currency stable. Collateralised by other cryptocurrencies, the decentralised stablecoin differs from others that are still backed by a link to fiat currency - making it the cornerstone currency for decentralised finance use cases.
Crypto 101

How bitcoin mixers work and why they're useful

Bitcoin’s blockchain might be public, but that doesn’t mean your BTC holdings should be. Mixers help fix that.
Crypto 101

ETH 2.0: Why the transition to Proof of Stake matters for blockchain scaling

Blockchain scaling has posed an issue from the start; Ethereum's upgrade - ETH 2.0 - may be about to change all that.
Crypto 101

How to earn free crypto on Defi platforms

Decentralized finance platforms are hot. There are risks, and it may not be for everyone, but here are five platforms on which you can earn free crypto.
Crypto 101

What is S2F?

Cloudbet explains stock-to-flow analysis - the $100k bitcoin price model that’s divided the crypto community.
Crypto 101

How to choose a bitcoin mining pool

As part of a range of articles focused on earning crypto here we look at the potential rewards from bitcoin mining with everything you need to know about choosing a bitcoin mining pool.