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Sportsbook Launches Proprietary Tennis Data Comparison

With Wimbledon starting this weekend, what better time to launch a new proprietary tool that allows tennis bettors to take a look at the head-to-head data?

Our sportsbook devs have rolled out a new feature that collates a swathe of third-party data and presents it in an easy to read way designed to inform you ahead of each game.

To illustrate, we’re using the live example of Roger Federer – the King of Wimbledon – versus Adrian Mannarino in this year’s first round.

Cloudbet’s new tennis data comparison tool

The first screen looks at the direct head-to-head match stats.

Front and centre, the personal head-to-head record, on all surfaces, and win percentage. As we can see, Mannarino’s still looking for his first win over the Swiss legend.

Below that, traffic lights to show each player’s last-five match win/loss record. You can hover your mouse over each dot to see who the opponent was and the scoreline.

Next up, some personal stats – Nationality, age, height, weight.

This is followed by a side-by-side comparison of the player’s win/loss record over the last five years, on that surface – in this case, on grass.

The YTD record is, however, performance across all surfaces. The fact that Federer has played far, far, fewer games than Mannarino this year – just nine to the Frenchman’s 26 – and has a higher win percentage (55.56% vs 34.62%) suggests a second-round showing for the Swiss. This data is also provided on the individual player screens.

After a line on career earnings, we then have a global rankings comparison, including highest ranking ever achieved versus their current ranking, which is then charted over the past five years underneath – which can give an impression of trend performance over time.

Moving on to the individual stat screens, below we see Federer’s performance over the past five years, including his overall win/loss record, and win percentage, across all surfaces – 85.32%.

This is then broken down by surface – shown by the orange of clay, the green of grass, and the blue of hardcourt tennis. Again, we have the win/loss numbers shown on each court, with the win percentage underneath. It’s clear that clay court tennis is his weakness, dragging his overall win percentage down – his win percentages for both hardcourt and grass outstripping his overall average.

Below the next line, we have more detail over the last five matches played – as referenced by the traffic lights on the previous screen – and their results and scoreline.

It’s worth noting that the default setting for the match win/loss data, both in total and per surface, defaults to the aggregate last five years, but players can chose any given year back to 2017 from the dropdown menu if they wish to isolate a specific season.

Here is Adrian Mannarino’s screenshot ahead of this game and, even though he’s up against a man he’s yet to beat in six meetings, a quick glance at the new tool does show some immediately interesting facts:

Judged on his win/loss percentage, grass is by far his favourite surface – at 62.79% that’s almost twice as good as his clay record.

He’s played well on grass recently, making it to the semis in Mallorca.

But his straight-sets loss to the world’s #60 suggests that Federer, currently at a world ranking of #8, will prove – yet again – to be too much for him to handle.

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