When you choose to play in a casino for real money, you are making a decision that you know has an upside and a downside. You can win big prizes at the best online casino in Canada for real money gaming, but naturally, you have to put down some of your own money to stand a chance of those wins. That makes it all the more important to find an online casino you can trust, which you know will offer you value for the money you’re putting down. So when you’re picking a casino to play with real money, you need to make the smartest choice. 

You won’t be surprised to learn that, when picking the best online casino in Canada for real money, we would recommend that you sign up to Cloudbet. Of course, we’re going to think that. But we also know that you’re not just going to take our word for it that our offering is the best. So it’s important for us to explain what you’ll gain from choosing us for your real money casino experience - and we’re very confident we can do just that. 

A range of real money payment options 

As one of the very first crypto casinos out there, nobody is as aware of the benefits provided by playing at online casinos with cryptocurrencies. So you can benefit from extremely speedy transactions both on depositing and withdrawing from the casino. We have no interest in holding on to your money for any longer than you want to keep it in your account, so we offer near-instant transactions for altcoins such as Ethereum and Dogecoin. And if you want to use the standard non-crypto currency for your deposit, we can cover that, too. 

Safe handling of your money 

If you don’t feel like you can trust a casino, then you’re not going to feel comfortable placing your bets or even depositing cash there. That’s just common sense. This is why we make sure that Cloudbet is a safe place for you to play - and if we couldn’t do that, we wouldn’t be the best online casino in Canada for real money players. We are a fully-licensed casino, and as part of our licensing, we’ve had to demonstrate that we handle players’ funds with due care and attention. We’ve done that and more, as our regular customers can confirm. 

Trustworthy bonuses 

How many online casinos have you played at where they offered you a bonus that seemed too good to be true, and then you read the terms and conditions and found out that it was, in fact, too good to be true. When you need to play through any bonus winnings dozens of times, that’s not real money, and it won’t become real money for ages, if at all. We like to feel that our straightforward bonuses make us the best online casino in Canada for real money because when you win with our bonuses that money is yours. We don’t expect you to sit and win it dozens of times over. 

When you play for real money at a casino, you shouldn’t have to go through endless tests to keep the money you’ve won or to manage your money when it’s in your account. We know that the customer will keep coming back to the casinos that are fair with them - and that’s why we recommend that you join Cloudbet. We take pride in being the best online casino in Canada for real money, and that’s why we will keep going to great lengths to prove that we are.


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