Whenever you choose to gamble at an online casino or sportsbook, it is always smart to be conscious of the potential downsides of betting. All things going well, you should have a great time and never have cause to regret picking up betting as a pastime, but there should be some recognition of the fact that that isn’t the case for everyone. As betting has potentially substantial rewards when it goes right, you don’t get rewards without risks on the other side. This is why you should make sure you always seek to bet safe in Canada. 

At Cloudbet we’ve been in the game for sometime now, and we know as much as anyone about the positive and negative sides of gambling. That’s why we go to considerable lengths to encourage responsible betting, and if you sign up to Cloudbet we can make you the promise that we’ll do everything we can to help you if you need to reach out to anyone with regard to problem gambling issues. 

Responsible Gambling 

Cloudbet is proud of its record of being customer-friendly, and our service includes a 24/7 customer support platform where you can come to us with any issues you have. This includes speaking to one of our operators if you feel your gambling is getting out of control. We can direct you to specialists who will help you find a way of dealing with any such problem. Always be aware that you are not alone - other people have experienced the same issues, and reaching out for help has been the key to turning things around. 

Our responsibilities as a casino 

As the holder of a valid betting license, we at Cloudbet know that we are responsible for ensuring that your betting experience is a positive one. So, as well as being a first point of contact should you need help with a problem, we are also there to speak to if you feel like you’ve been sold short on the casino side. Casinos do make mistakes sometimes, and we can’t promise we never will - but we will listen to your complaint and put things right if it ever happens on our side. 

Handling your money 

Another aspect of keeping you safe as a customer is making sure your money is looked after when you deposit with us. We can promise that from the moment you make a deposit, to the moment that you make a withdrawal, that money is kept safe and sound and is yours the moment you ask to take it out. We’re not just making that as an idle promise - we need to prove that we do this in order to qualify for a license, and our license is vital to us as a place for people to bet safe in Canada. 

Keeping you informed 

Just as important as all of the above, we at Cloudbet make a point of being transparent with our customers and telling you about anything new taking place at the casino. The Cloudbet blog is a valuable resource for any new or old customer who wants to know how we do things at Cloudbet, and how we ensure that you can bet safe in Canada. There’s never a bad time to be transparent about your service, and we pride ourselves on the efforts we make. 

If you want to have a betting experience that is memorable for the right reasons, which meets your needs whatever they are, and is above all safe for customers, then we would definitely recommend signing up with Cloudbet. We can promise you won’t regret it.


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