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We offer two different commission structures:

Full Rev Share

    – 30% commission paid on all revenue generated across our sportsbook, casino, and live casino

Hybrid Rev Share/Turnover-based Commission 

    – 30% commission paid on all revenue generated through our casino and live casino, and 0.2% of all turnover volume through our sportsbook (“turnover volume” is the lesser of the amount bet and the amount that can be won on a bet)

All new affiliates will begin on Hybrid Rev Share/Turnover Based Commission for their first three months. If after three months you wish to change to Full Rev Share please contact our affiliate manager and we will consider your request on a case-by-case basis.

Commission is paid for the full lifetime of all referred players.

Commission balances are calculated and credited to your account in real time.

When requesting commission withdrawals please bear in mind Cloudbet has no control over the associated fee or the confirmation time.

To avoid a situation where the transaction fee exceeds the commission it is advisable to reduce the number of withdrawals and only withdraw when commission reaches a multiple of the average transaction costs.

Please refer to this website for further information.

Our tracking and analytics capabilities are second-to-none - we monitor every aspect of player behaviour throughout their lifetime of play to optimise long-term customer value. 

Example of Turnover-based Commission:

A player bets 1500 BTC to win 1000 BTC (decimal odds of 1.67)

Amount risked: 1500 BTC
Amount that can be won: 1000 BTC
Turnover volume: 1000 BTC
Commission paid (0.2%): 2 BTC


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