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Which ID documents does Cloudbet accept for verification?
Which ID documents does Cloudbet accept for verification?
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To verify your identity, you may be asked for the following documents:

  • A valid photo ID (for instance, your passport or national ID card). Please ensure that your full name, photo, and ID number are clearly visible.

  • Proof of address (like a recent utility bill or rental agreement). This document should show your full name and address and be dated within the last three months.

You may also need to provide a photo of yourself holding your documents with proof of today’s date. Ensure all details on these documents are visible, current, and undamaged, and no parts are blurred or cropped out.

Please note:

  • The documents should be high-quality scans or photos, not photocopies.

  • The name and address on your ID should match the information you provided during registration.

  • The verification process can take a few days, so please be patient.

  • You'll be contacted if any additional documents are needed.

These steps are designed to safeguard your account and identity. We appreciate your cooperation in this important process.

While verifying your identity isn't mandatory when you register, it's strongly advised to help safeguard your account against fraud. Please be aware that Cloudbet may ask any account holder to complete ID verification at any time.

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