Everyone has their own opinion on which casino game is the most thrilling. For many, though, it is hard to beat a spell at the blackjack table, playing the fast-moving and tactical game the French call “Vingt-et-un”. When playing blackjack, you can put your wits and your nerve to the test as you try to beat the dealer more often than they beat you. And if standard online blackjack is a little bit too pedestrian for you, then you might prefer the chance to play it against live casino dealers for that extra element of theatre.

It’s an accepted fact that some casino games are more cerebral than others, and when it comes to winning at blackjack you are certainly going to need more than the luck of the draw. In a close game, the action can become extremely tense and competitive. Will you have the nerves to hit, stand and split when the cards say you should, but your mind is telling you something else? More than with any other casino game, there is a right way and a wrong way to play blackjack - but it’s not always easy to remember which is which when you’re playing live.

If you’ve played ordinary online blackjack, then you’ll know how the pace of the game can raise the tension. But when you play Live Blackjack in Canada with Cloudbet, that tension is ratcheted up an extra notch by live dealers who know how to give it that added sense of pressure. Just dealing the cards a little faster or a little slower can put your reactions to the test. If you’re confident enough to play your own game and stick to the tactics despite the added intensity, then you can come out a winner in the end.

Playing live blackjack is increasingly the preferred way to play for many casino users. There is an added social factor to the game which can simultaneously make it more fun, more energetic and more of a mental test. The best players will thrive on this extra dimension to the game; it’s one thing to beat a random number generator when it’s just you and them - but taking on a human dealer when there are other people at the table gives an additional thrill when you win, and makes it harder to take when you lose.

It’s important to remember that, unlike with some casino games, there are specific tactics you can adopt to make it more likely that you’ll win a game. There are good and bad times to split a hand, right and wrong times to take another card when you’ve got a score of 16. Knowing when these times are makes it easier to play for a win, but will you have the composure to stick to the correct tactics when a live casino dealer is putting pressure on you to make the call? Cloudbet’s live casino games are designed to be some of the most intriguing games on the internet - and can be some of the most rewarding if you know how to play.

If you love blackjack and want to make it that bit more dramatic; if you’ve played enough roulette and want to change things up a little; or simply if you want to enjoy the live casino experience at the best online casino in Canada, then you will not regret playing live blackjack with our excellent dealers. Why not sign up today and put yourself to the test against some of the best live casino games you’ll find anywhere in the world?


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