Vainqueur (inclus prolongations et séance de tirs au but)
Wed, Jan 27 14:14

Tonight's game between the @AmherstRamblers and @trurobearcats at @CentreRath has been postponed. An announcement will be made when this game is rescheduled.

Tue, Jan 26 10:33

Five former MHLers on the list!

Mon, Jan 25 18:34

NHL rosters boast 132 #CJHLHockey alumni. Details: - Photos: Debora Robinson/Getty Images & - Graphic: Michael Nerino - @TheMHL - @LHJAAAQ - @TheCCHL - @ojhlofficial - @NOJHL - @SIJHL - @mjhlhockey - @TheSJHL - @TheAJHL - @GoBCHL

Sat, Jan 23 19:44

.@ljackshockey issue statement to clarify recent announcement. Details:

Fri, Jan 22 16:29

An update from @CTonTigerHockey:

Campbellton Tigers Jr. A Hockey
Fri, Jan 22 15:59

COVID UPDATE: All Players and Staff have again tested Negative in their 2nd round of testing. All Players and Staff will continue to self-isolate until Saturday. The player who has tested positive, is still isolating until Monday, continues to have no symptoms and is doing great.

Fri, Jan 22 13:48

This was recorded before the Health Zone changes announced this week in N.B.

Grand Falls Rapids-Rapides de Grand-Sault
Fri, Jan 22 13:44

🎙 Rapids Rap - David Raines a discuté avec James Faulkner, le directeur des communications de la LHM. Écoutez ce que James avait à dire sur la saison jusqu'à présent!

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