High Limits for High Rollers

Bet hundreds of BTC

We take the largest bets of any online sportsbook – stakes of up to 200 BTC on the NBA, NHL, and European soccer – and you can bet as many times as you like without delay!

Send funds with ease

Using bitcoin, you can transfer large amounts of currency around the world in a matter of seconds. There are no middle-men, all you need is an internet connection. Funds will appear in your account almost instantly, giving you unparalleled freedom to send funds and bet with ease.

Limitless transfers

There’s no limit to the amount of bitcoin you can send in a single transaction. Send hundreds, or even thousands of bitcoin at a time. There’s no cap on transaction sizes, and no waiting around while we verify your payment – all deposits are credited instantly.

Withdraw your winning in minutes

Don’t wait, receive your winnings in minutes or hours, not the days or weeks required by traditional sportsbooks. With unlimited transaction sizes and near instant transfer times, we can send you hundreds of bitcoin the same day that your bet settles.

World leading security

Our security practices are the best in the industry – all deposits are sent directly to cold storage.

Secure your account further with 2-Step Authentication utilizing the Google Authenticator mobile app.

No fees

We charge no fees for deposits or withdrawals. Send and receive transactions of any size for free.