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Which ID documents does Cloudbet accept for verification?
How do I close my account?A guide to closing your Cloudbet account. Contact customer support to close your account or explore self-exclusion options.
How do I register for a Cloudbet account?Find out how to register for a Cloudbet account. Learn what to provide to sign up for a new account.
I'm having trouble logging in - what do I do?Learn what steps to take if you’re having trouble logging into your Cloudbet account. Make sure you’re using the right login credentials.
Which documents does Cloudbet accept as proof of address?Find out which documents Cloudbet accepts as proof of address. Acceptable documents include bank statements and utility bills.
How do I change the email address linked to my Cloudbet account?Learn how to change the email address linked to your Cloudbet account. Simply contact Cloudbet customer support.
What is SMS Verification?
How to pick a strong password?
How do I change the language?Learn how to change the language on the Cloudbet site. Find the language settings in your account menu.
How do I change my password?Find out how to change your Cloudbet password. Go to security settings in your account menu.
I'm not receiving Cloudbet marketing or support emails - what can I do?Learn what to do if you’re not receiving any Cloudbet marketing or support emails. There are a few things you can check.
How can I change the currency or format of my balance on Cloudbet
How do I hide zero balance currencies?Learn how to hide zero balance currencies in your Cloudbet account. Use the zero balance function in your account menu.
I've lost access to my 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) - What should I do?Find out what to do if you lose access to your 2FA device. Disable 2FA with your one-time recovery code.
How do I set up 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)?Discover how to set up 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) on Cloudbet. Go to security settings in your account menu.
How do I join the Loyalty Program?Discover how to join Cloudbet’s loyalty program. You’re automatically enrolled when you sign up, just start playing to earn rewards.
How do I find my current Loyalty tier?
Is Cloudbet safe?Find out if Cloudbet is a safe and legitimate gaming operator. Learn about our history and our licensing.
Does Cloudbet have an app?
How do I contact Cloudbet?Learn how to contact Cloudbet. Locate our live chat feature or send us an email.
Where does Cloudbet operate?Find out which countries Cloudbet operates in. We service all countries except those that prohibit online betting.
Does Cloudbet accept players from the Netherlands?Learn if Cloudbet accepts players from the Netherlands. Find out more about betting restrictions in the Netherlands.
What gambling licenses does Cloudbet have?Discover what gambling licenses Cloudbet has. Cloudbet is licensed and regulated by Curacao eGaming.
Do you have a referral program?
What is 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)?
If bitcoin is anonymous, do I still need to provide Cloudbet with personal information?
What is the minimum bet?
What is the Marketplace?